Marriage Most Scandalous

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Title: Marriage Most Scandalous
Author: Johanna Lindsey
No. of Pages: 414 pages
Publisher: Corgi Books

Johanna Lindsey, as far as I know, had written lots of books and I had to say, I enjoyed each one of her books.

Marriage Most Scandalous is a story of Sebastian Townshend. After engaged in a duel with his own best friend, Giles, Sebastian had been disowed by his own father and was threaten not to 'darken the English shores ever again.' For 11 years, he was known as The Raven, a deadly mercenary who undertakes any mission however dangerous and based in France.

Lady Margaret Landor, who became an orphan had became the Earl of Edgewood's ward, Sebastian father. When accidents upon accidents happened to her guardian, Margaret believed that someone wanted her guardian to be dead and she took a 4 months to Europe in search for The Raven - to help her evolving her guardian's accidents.

She found The Raven in France and Margaret couldn't believe it that it was Sebastian, the man she idolized. Margaret forced Sebastian to come back to England by pushing all the guilts on him. For Sebastian to be allowed entrance to the Edgewood mansion, he had to pose as Margaret's husband.

What happened after that? Well, m kindda tired to type it all here *haha!being cheeky again* So, if you wanna know, read it! ;)

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