Introduction to the 60's Rock

Monday, December 28, 2009
M not talking about Elvis Presley here or some other famous group from the 60ies. In truth, I have no idea what were the rcok band from the 60ies were. I consider myself versatile. I listened to the oldies song - the 70ies and the 80ies but I never hear any of the rock/alternative/heavy metal songs.

Ever heard of Yardbirds? White Lion? Dokken?

Up till last week, I never heard of all the above bands/singers apart from the Twisted Sisters and Ozzy Osbourne! My boss has some difficulties downloading some songs from these groups that he asked me help to download it for him.

Alas, from him, my boss, I came to know all these ear-deafaning songs. And I would like to thank my boss for introducing these bands and songs to me coz frankly, I love some of their songs ;)

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