"Do you get what I mean?"

Sunday, December 20, 2009
Those 6 words I have to say would be my boss' favourite words / questions to me or my other colleague. Not because we are too dumb (LOL!) to get what he meant but he just loves those words.

My boss, a chinese guy, is the most sporting boss I ever come across and I'm grateful to be able to work with him. Some of us might not like our bosses hanging around while we do our work but for me, that's one of the way I learnt - both about works and up-to-date gossips! Hahaha! Yup, me and male colleague, we share gossips with our boss. Who says men don't gossip? Infact, they are the worse gossip ever! Haha!

If situations demand it, me and my boss would spend the whole day working side by side in order to cater the patients' needs. And I don't mind working with him coz as I said, he is the most sporting boss ever. I never hesistate to complain (which I always do *ahakz*) or rise any issues that me and my colleagues not satisfied with (which is most of the time *another ahakz*). Eventhough he (my boss) knows that we are the complaining type but he did take actions (whereever appropriate).

So, everytime my boss is frustrated with some of my colleagues and other stuffs, he would express himself to us and at the end of every sentence, he would say, "Do you get what I mean?" and me, just being irritating, would reply, "Yes Sir, I do get what you mean."

Gosh, everytime he said those world, I would smile. The reasons are he is so predictable and I can sense what he's trying to say. As I said, m grateful to have him as my boss and I consider myself lucky. I know most of my other colleagues - from different sections - are not happy with their bosses and I don't envy them. Hehe!

True, bosses can be mean sometimes but in the end, you have to remember that they are human too, just like everyone else. They have feelings like you and me. No matter how you dislike your bosses, once in a while cut them some slack. Of course no one likes to be yelled at or blamed for somethings thats not entirely our fault and some bosses like to make accusations without probing further. What we can do, just tuned out for a while and keep on working!

As I keep saying to my boss, "I'm just a very very small fish (with a loud mouth) in a very very big lake." Hehehe

2 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

you are lucky to like your boss.
im lucky too cuz i am my own boss. being self employed is difficult in some ways, but in that way it is great!

have fun

iantie said...

gosh! don't i just wish m i'm my own boss but no can do...hehe!

he's great - the boss i mean. hehe!

u tke k and happy holidays!