Basic Road Rules

Saturday, December 12, 2009
1. In a two-way lane, if you are driving slow, please use the left lane
One afternoon, I was in a rush to get home - hungry, tired all roll into 1 - and on the buzy road of Jangsak, a car infront of me was cruising verrryyy slowly on the right lane. Because it was quiet jammed that afternoon, the left lane was occupied and this car, gosh! I think he was driving only 40-60km/hr ON A RIGHT LANE! To overtake, there are cars on the left lane. I tailgated him hoping for him to get the hint and move his stupid car's ass aside but he just won't take the hint. A slim opportunity arised and I overtook him; looked at him, happily chit-chatting with 3 of his buddies; gave him my best if-look-can-kill look and overtook him. Oh yea, this goes for you the guy in green Suzuki Vitara. Next time, if you want to take a cruise, take the left lane!

2. Signal when you want to overtake or enter a junction
Simple rule! It's either some people don't know the use of the signal light or they just couldn't be bothered! I hate it when people overtake without signalling. Or entering a junction without signalling. What's so hard with moving a bit of your fingers to push the signal indicator up/down!

3. Don't use the roundabout if your don't know how
Gosh! People who doesn't know how to use the roundabouts really really pissed me off! There are few roundabouts here in Brunei that have the traffic light. And believe me, it is more easier than the one without the traffic light.

Green means go. That's the universal colour of traffic light all over the world but some idiots who used the traffic light roundabout still being ignorance about the traffic light. I know some drivers, when the light turns greean, it took him minimum 5-10 seconds to press the accelerator.

That's all for now but mind you, this topic will resurface again and again, whenever m frustrated with other drivers. Haha!

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

haha... i love this.... im thinking people dont know how to drive everywhere in the world !
do you drive on the wrong side of the road there.... i mean, opposite to us here?

iantie said...

i think u r right, laura. in some way or another, sometimes we just 'lost' when it comes to driving.
almost 99% of our cars here, the driver seat is on the right-hand side. only less than 5 cars - imported cars - are on the left-hand side.

Pooch Morning Glory said...

soooo, you drive on the left side of the road like in the U.K ?

iantie said...

laura, yes. we are driving on the left side..hehe