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Sunday, December 6, 2009
Another Sunday, another hectic day for me. As I said before, I won't have any free weekends for quiet awhile.

This morning, I woke up before dawn and just before the crack of dawn, I was out and about already! Gosh! Have to mark today in my diary. Me, myself and I woke up so demmed early on a Sunday! If I had any choice, I would rather stay in bed and sleep but my brother somehow managed to squeeze a promise out of me to send and accompany him to the Bukit Shahbandar Challenge.

This year, it's the 6th year it had been held. FYI, Bukit Shahbandar Challenge is a race but not on a plain route. You have to hike, run and jog for the whole stretch of the hills of Bukit Shahbandar. Gosh! Hiking the hills is already some kind of challenge but to actually run?? No way!

And so, yes, I didn't join the challenge itself. I met 2 colleagues and few acquaintances there and they were asking me the same question, why I didn't join considering that m a frequent hiker? That the answer itself, hiker! M a frequent hiker but m not a good runner. I hike because I LOVE to hike, to feel the satisfaction of finally getting on top of the hills and enjoying the view along the way. Although I am a competitive person in nature (that I admit!) but to run, no way! I know my limits and m not a hypocrites to tell otherwise.

Anyway, my brother managed to get the 8th place out of the 90+ guys who joined the same category, which is good enough. He told me his route is the same route that me and my fellow hikers went few months back that took us around 2 hours while my brother, he did it (with running and jogging) in 59 minutes! Bravo!

Came home around 10am, had my breakfast and rest before I hit the shower. And I spent my few hours break of my weekend by reading an enovel by Elizabeth Boyle's Tempted by the Night. Nice....

By 1.30pm, things started to get buzy around the house. My dad's siblings were expected to come around 4pm to discuss my brother's upcoming engagement. Mum prepared some refreshments and considering that both my brothers were exhausted and asleep, it was left to me to run some errands. It was hot! And I don't fancy being out in the sun after an exhausted morning.

Half an hour before my aunts and uncles came, I had to bring my brother (the one joined the marathon) to the clinic coz he's not feeling well - twice he sprained his ankle; got bitten by a bee and now, he said he's having a fever. Rushed him to the clinic and luckily only fewer patients were there. By the time we were done, it was time to fetch my other brother from work hence we wasted the time 'surfing' the dvd racks.

Came home around 5.30pm and by then, the discussion was coming to an end. Spent another hour cleaning and washing the dishes and soon after that, off again to throw all the rubbish. Hmmmm.....what a full Sunday!

Next Sunday, I have a walkathon to attend and then I promised my bff to send her to the airport for her course in KL. Speaking of my bff, she's doing well and m glad that she's enjoying herself in China. We messaged each other almost everyday and today she called me up. Gosh! Miss her! But nvm, she's coming back soon and I can't hardly wait. Both for her and 'something' that she bought for me. Haha!

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

wow... bravo to your brother!!
i hate such busy days when theres not enough time to enjoy any of it.
a few good moments then its over...
its getting cold here now and beginning to snow. :(

iantie said...

Thanx laura..he is such a good runner and hiker. But then, male's strength compared nothing to woman's strength.

Make sure u bundle up for the snow. Finished your Christmas shopping? ;)