Half Weekend Gone!

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Times really pass you by so quickly!

This morning, I woke up yet to another day before the crack of dawn! That's 2 Sundays in a row! We had a walkathon this morning started - supposedly - at 0630 - 0645 but the aerobic session didn't start until 0700! I got off from home a little after 0600 and arrived a little before 0630. The parking started to fill up but luckily, I managed to get a nice parking! The warm-up and the aerobic session took 30 minutes and by 0730, we made a move aka started the walkathon!

Eventhough m a great walker, I walked a lot but this time, I took it slow coz my colleagues are all kindda old..hehehe! Besides I didn't have any breakfast hence m quiet hungry. I brought a bar of chocolate with me and while walking, m munching! Haha! I guess everyone who saw me would say something! The theme is "Amalkan Cara Hidup Sihat" - Practise a healthy lifestyle! Haha! With a bar of chocolate in my hand, m a practising a healthy lifestyle? But what I take in, I did take it out - if you get what I meant!

Finished our walkathon and some gossiping, it was 0815 and I decided to call it a day - for the walkathon anyway. I went home, had my breakfast, took my shower and got dressed again to send my bff to the airport.

My bff is going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 2 weeks, attending a course with 2 of her colleagues! Gosh! 2 weeks without her? Hmmmm...I survived 1 week without her (when she went to China) but 2 weeks? Hmmm...m gonna miss that girl soooo much! But duty calls, what to do? M sure she would have a good time ;)

Now, it approaching noon and I got another 12 more hours before the weekend is over! But no worries, 4 days of work, then we will have 3 days public holiday and next week, another 4 days of work then we will have another 3 days public holiday! I LOVE living in Brunei! But I would be working once for each public holiday *hmmmpp* Oh well, I don't want to spoil others' hols so to the people out there who are enjoying your holidays, m sooo envy of you!

Next weekend, it would be my brother Adi's engagement, then next weekend would be 2 of my colleagues' weddings. My bff would be back a day after Christmas! Damn! M missing her already!

4 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

you are a busy girl!!!
im sorry you will miss your friend !
~almost finished my christmas shopping... finally

iantie said...

wah laura! finally...christmas in less than 2 weeks away. good job!
yea, i had been busy but in 1 way, it's a good thing...get me occupied..hehe

Pooch Morning Glory said...

yes, well, better late than never hehe. my daughter would freak, then she would help me .... i usually wait for that !

iantie said...

haha! u r cheeky laura ^_^

but then that's what daughters are for, right? hehe