Aloha 2011!

Monday, January 3, 2011
Now, don't tell me I'm late!
It's just the 3rd day of 2011!

My new year celebration? None;
the first person I greet new year? a nurse who came to relieve me;
my first food for 2011 = grilled chicken;
my first kill for 2011 = a baby scorpion! LOL!
first book i finished reading = Penjara Rindu (carried forward from 2010).

What I did for 2nd Jan?
I did facial pampering!
I did oil seed removal on my face
and now I looked like someone having a chicken pox! haha!
and what's worst, the wound would take a week to heal! Yikes!

it's my first day off!
Yup! After a week of working with no weekend,
it's finally my turn to have my 3-day off!

I'm lovin' my day so far.....
*in bliss*

Have a great year everyone!!!

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