The Neighbors...

Thursday, January 27, 2011
How many of you know your neighbors?
*hands up*
Really really know them?
*hands coming down*

Okay, as for me, I got limited knowledge of my own neighbors!
Yeah! I know! That's terrible but then you really can't blame me!
Coz every few years, me and my family would move. Not that we are nomads! LOL!
It's just that dad is currently working with the government and we are being provided with a government housing for a certain amount of years. Once the lease expired, we move to another new government house.

But I think, my home currently would be our last home before dad retires soon.
We have been living here for the last 5 years and I don't actually know my own neighbors.
Of course I know their names, how many kids they have and sometimes we say "hai" and wave when we see each other but other than that I have no idea!

Recently, I got a new neighbor!
And he used to be a DJ in a local number 1 radio station in Brunei and just recently retired from DJ-ing coz his contract ended.
So when a colleague of mine knows, he kept on pestering me to get his autograph!
I was like, "WHAT?"
No way I'm gonna cross that gates and walk to his home to get his autograph!
Instead I would just stop his car on the road (we are sharing the same private road and he needs to pass by my house to get to his house) and get his autograph!
But so far, I haven't catch him passing by! LOL!

A year or so ago, I got another famous neighbors - ok, make that 2 famous neighbors. They were sharing a same house. 1 is a local singer/producer/musician and another is a fellow singer!

Wow! I never realized that I'm surrounded with 'famous' people
or maybe my area is just a 'hot spot' area!
Haha! 'Hot spot'? More like 'flood spot' area to me! LOL!

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