Little brother went for driving lesson

Thursday, January 20, 2011
My parents are 'running out' of under 18 children in the house!

Last November 29, my youngest baby brother Muiz officially turned 18 years old! ~~Awww~~ Times really fly! I still remember the early dawn when he was born. My mum didn't made it to the hospital hence she gave birth at home with the help of my dad (yes! you read it correctly!), my maid (during those days) and me! Yup! I was 11 years old at that time and I was there to hold my baby brother! ^_^

Now, 18 years later, the not-so-baby-brother-anymore is ready and super eager to drive. Oh! Being a male, he knows how to drive but in order to have the liscence, he needs to excel on the road rules, get thru' the 10 hours driving lessons and pass the driving exam.

So, last Monday, he had his first driving lesson and as always, the first lessons would be the parking lessons.

The instructor is a mid 50ies lady. She used to be my younger brother's (Faiz) instructor too, a year ago.

So, she was sitting on the passenger seat while Muiz was on the driver seat, of course with a seatbelt plucked in. The instructor taught him how to do the different types of parking and he did well, considering he had a lot of practices at home.

While doing the side parking, the instructor went out of the car, stand by the side, chatted with a colleague while observing my brother. When Muiz managed to excel parking the car in 1 attempt and no further instruction from the instructor (who at that time was buzy in 'hot gossip' with other instructors) just wait in the car, in the parking slot.

After 5 minutes, the instructor waved her hand to my brother and said, "Come out" in which Muiz, wisely switched off the ignition, released the seatbelt, open the door and stepped out!!!

At which then the instructor said, "Not you la! Take the car out of the parking" LOL!!!!

That is what I call an original comedy!

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Dai Ning Li said...

My youngest sister was born (unplanned at all) in our house too! She's 10 yr/o now, but doesn't learn how to drive yet, neither I do. ;') Hehehe!

iantie said...

LOL! you should learn how to drive.. it would give you freedom and control BUT it would also increase your stress level during rush hours LOL!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

my youngest daughter is almost 20. we can get licenses here at 16. she says its too much responsibility driving her friends around. plus shes in a city with good public transportation.
maybe one day she will
~laura x

iantie said...

i shudder to think if Bruneians are allowed to drive at the age of 16! Gosh, it would be hectic. LOL!
Sadly to say Brunei's public transportation is not as great as other countries and that's the main reason you would see a lot of cars on our roads.
Being a driver over a decade myself, now I am 'craving' for the days that I am the passenger instead. LOL!

Anonymous said...

u will luv...u will

Ryan said...

I'm sure he'll pass with no problems, I spent a small fortune on lessons because I refused to let my dad teach me....we would've only argued the whole time. Did you talk to Marly about passing on the book?

iantie said...
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iantie said...

i sure hope that he pass so that i can stop being his chauffeur LOL!
and yes, i'm contacting Marly as of this moment. Thanks ryan! God bless!

have a lovely weekend ahead!