Back to work!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Last Monday, I was officially back to work for the year 2011!
Yup! On the 17th day of the year 2011, only then I started to get back to my normal, usual, boring routine!

it was raining which I LOVE!
When it is raining, some wise people turned on their lights
BUT what I don't love (when it rains) is that somehow I always ended behind following cars with no third brake light!!
Unlucky me!

Above are the 2 cars (out of 5) I managed to snap pictures on my way to work.
And you can imagine my difficulties in guessing whether it's just their lights or were they braking?

At the office, piles of paper works need to be attended
and as luck had it, I was needed somewhere in the afternoon hence leaving my works behind.
The duty roster for the whole year made me mad - literally!

So, my overall Monday didn't go that well!

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