Ok! Let's make babies!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011
But then, it won't be for me anytime soon!

From 2011 onwards, it is expected that Brunei would be gaining it populations when His Majesty (on his New Year's Eve speech) granted the extension of maternity leave for mothers.
Now, all mothers in Brunei who are either working in the government or private sectors are given 105 days maternity leave from 56 days leave previously!

105 days??! That's equivalent to 3.5 months!!!
I can't imagine if my married female colleagues are all pregnant and they are having 3.5 months of maternity leave. Of course I would be happy for them but then it also means shortage of staffs!
The 'single' people (like me, myself and I) would have to work extra considering that almost 80% of my colleagues are female!

Now I think it's a good time for me to seriously think about marriage! LOL!!!

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

nows the time girl. imagine if you just got back from your 56 days. you would feel ripped off.

rena~myaddictionNelation said...

i adore brunai. haven't been there yet but I heard people said , it's a polite country with friendly people.
ohh sorry , my comment are not related to the post.

iantie said...

laura - trust me!! some of my friends already felt ripped off! LOL! it was mentioned and suggested few months back already but it only being implemented 1.1.11. some of my friends who gave birth last december sure were not happy.. hehe

rena - yup. many foreigners say that Brunei is the perfect country to raise a family ;) if you ever want to come here, let me know. i don't mind being ur personal tour guide ;)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

haa... yes, my webcam was balanced on my champagne glass.
i barely can work skype so i think it went pretty good... considering my challenges
~L xx

iantie said...

laura - u r creative and innovative =) LOL!
you go girl!!!