||Oh No||

Thursday, December 30, 2010
I should just stay at home this morning but then I didn't or should I say, I couldn't.
Dad asked my help to do his car insurance and I did.
And as it is the last day of working day for the year 2010,
everyone and everywhere were busy!
I spent the morning alone in the post office and the bank!
And the weather didn't help either!
Morning, it is sooo hot and dry,
afternoon, it is cloudy with the hint of rain
and night, it's raining!

Anyway, my "OH NO" part would be after the insurance affairs!
I finished reading Akan Ku Tunggu this morning (yup! I slept at 4am!)
so, being an 'addict', I need a new novel.
So, I tried my luck by going to the bookstore (the main one) and as luck has it,
2 of the novels that I was looking for (Penjara Rindu and Kau Milikku) are available.
I took them down from the shelves without giving my brain any second to think! LOL!
5 minutes later, believe it or not, I left that bookstore NOT with 2 novels BUT 4 novels!!!

Can someone hide my ATM card, please???

4 knock knock:

Pooch Purple Reign said...

haha im an addict also but i usually borrow books from my friends. way cheaper. some you just have to own tho so i understand
all the best for a happy year ahead!

iantie said...

lucky you laura!
as for me, let's just say that my friends are not as addicted as i am! besides, i'm a very impatience when it comes to books. i can't wait to read them. so most of the times, i'm the one who buys the books and other would just borrow from me.. hehe

wishing you good health and good years ahead Pooch!

Ryan said...

I cut the wifes cards up years ago lol.
Have a happy new year

iantie said...

I still need my card tho'. Cutting it definitely a no-no for me...lol!

have a great year man!