Lovely Monday

Monday, January 31, 2011
I simple love Monday!
Who doesn't?
I know 80% of people I know dislike Monday but well,
as for me,
I love it!

Especially when I woke up to a misty morning!
and driving to work on a Monday morning...

... and stuck in early morning traffic didn't look that frustrating when you are 'blessed' with this view...
Morning + mist = heaven! (for me anyway!)

It was raining and drizzling the whole day today
which made me love Monday more and more!
I love the rain but of course in moderations!

But too much rain made me miss the sun..

Picture above was taken few days back on my way home.
It was my first glimpse of the sun rays after days of raining!

Have a lovely week ahead people!

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Dai Ning Li said...

Seen on the photos, you seem to head to the office very early aren't you? ;') I belong to those who hate Monday because (1) can't drive, can't grab the maneuver from the one driving in the midst of traffic, (2) weekend feels a little unsatisfying after Sunday night I want more, (3) only lazybones dislike the day and so I do ;') Hahaha

Essma Nasher said...

absolutely bea-utiful! I love monday and a misty monday is even better!
mashallah :D

iantie said...

Ning Li,
I don't know whether 6.30ish is consider early over there but here in Brunei, it's kind of 'late'
1. cos the traffic where I'm staying is HORRIBLE, there are 2 schools within 500m of my home and on my way to work, i have to pass thru 3 schools ;
2. my work place is near the capital and 'surrounded' with 6 schools!;
3. and our government office hour starts at 7.45am!

If i go around 6.30ish, i can arrive 'safely' at office around 7.15am; if i go after 6.45am, i can arrive by 7.30am BUT if i go later than that, I'm for sure would arrive late and that EXCLUDES any accidents! can you imagine how horrible that would be?

I'm a punctual or on-time type of person. i dislike being late =)

iantie said...

i totally agree with you!
i am a girl of nature and whatever beautiful to me, i snap =)
thanks for visiting ;)