It's the time of the year again!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011
It's the year of the rabbits!!

Born to a Chinese mum and a Malay dad, I get to celebrate both major festivals - the Eids and the Chinese New Year!

To my uncles, aunts and cousins (maternal side) here in Brunei and in Canada, Taiwan and Australia and where ever you might be (that I didn't know of);

Gong Xi Fa Chai
Don't forget my angpow LOL!!

And to all colleagues, friends and fellow bloggers,
have a prosperous new year!

4 knock knock:

rena~myaddictionNelation said...

hey, I celebrate 2 festivals too since my mum is also a chinese and my dad is malay. fun but less 'duit raya' :)

iantie said...

hey, we are 2 of a kind! hehe. 'duit raya' for me pun memang less tapi seronok jugak bila dapat.. hehe

Didz said...

Happy CNY m8! Will see you soon! >.<

iantie said...

thanks m8!
c u soon!
enjoy the remaining days of your leave!