Penjara Rindu - Nia Arissa

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Title: Penjara Rindu
Author: Nia Arissa
No. of Pages: 644 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel

Plain awesome!

Let's say,
you are deeply in love with a guy,
then somehow, you have to marry another and forget about your first love.

Then you fell in love with your husband but a small misunderstanding led to jealousy and mistrust that your husband divorced you with talak tiga.

At the same time, you realized that you had a miscarriage, robbing you of what's left of your love and husband.
You became insane but with the help of your ex-boyfriend, your first love, a year later, you are back to your usual self.

Now, you got a second chance to love again and live your life with your first love, would you take it eventhough you are still in love with your ex-husband? despite of all the pains and hurt he had caused you? and knowing that your ex-husband regrets of what he had done and still in love with you?

I gave this novel 9/10!

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