Kau Milikku - Aisha Hamza

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Title: Kau Milikku
Author: Aisha Hamza
No. of Pages: 702 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel

Let's make this 702 pages novel simpler!
1 novel, I finished it within a day!

So, what that does tell you?

Well, if you don't get it yet, buy this book, read it!
It is really a page turner!


5 knock knock:

Ryan said...

Sounds like a great read, I only wish I had the time to read a 700 page novel in a day. Look out for my January book giveaway soon.

iantie said...

ryan, if you can read Malay, I would definitely send this book all the way to Scotland so you can have a good read but unfortunately, it's in Malay and it would take ages for you to read the whole book with a translator by your side LOL!
another giveaway? wow! looking forward to it ;)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

i definitely cant read malay. pretty hummingbird tho :)

Ryan said...

Oops I can barely read English never mind Malay lol.

iantie said...

@ laura, i would love to teach you sometimes, if you interested.

@ ryan, lol! but who knows, 1 day you might be tempted.. ;)

have lovely weekend to both of you =)