Akan Ku Tunggu - Sania Yasmin

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Title: Akan Ku Tunggu
Author: Sania Yasmin
No. of Pages: 531 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

Now, how would I put this?
It's not that I didn't enjoy this novel; I did but somehow there are soooo many missing links, or stories if you ask me.
But then of course, I'm not an expert.

Akan Ku Tunggu got so many charaters with less stories and it left me 'hanging'. 5 couples - Ibrahim and Jannah, Randzam and Maryam, Ayu and Syamil, Nadia and Norman and lastly Taufiq and Huda - and less stories. Trust me, for a reader like I am, it left me unsatisfied.

The main characters wold be Ayu and Syamil. Ayu whos was in love with her uncle, Taufiq has to sacrifice her feelings when her stepmother disagree to her union with Taufiq, her stepmother's brother. So, the stepmother accepted the proposal of Syamil, the guy next door.

For Syamil, it was love at first sight when he sees Ayu for the first time. Well, eventhough they are neighbors, it was the first time Syamil really sees Ayu. To gain Ayu's trust in him, he decided to turn his life around from a playboy to a good husband material in which he has to hurt Lily's feeling, his so-called friend.

While Taufiq was frustrated when his sister - his foster sister - against his feelings for Ayu. Her reason (Ayu's stepmum) is that they (the family) doesn't know where Taufiq really come from. He is just an adopted son to their parents.

Ibrahim; whose previous named was Abraham came back to Malaysia to look for his wife, Jannah and son. In Malaysia, he met his real state agent, Ayu, who very much resembles his sister, Melanie.

Norman is Syamil's bestfriend who after a twist of fate to help Syamil was caught 'khalawat' with Nadia, Ayu's stepsister and also Lily's friend.

Now, are you confused? I know I am!
How all of them are connected? Well, you gotta read the book but I shall warn you, you might be left unanswered (like I am!)
Told you, these type of story couldn't fit in 531 pages. It should be more.
Why? Coz at the end of the book, somehow, eveything finished abruptly or hang!
I don't know about the rest of the readers out there but that's just me.
Don't get me wrong. The storyline is great but the ending doesn't.

I gave this novel 5/10.

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