Thanks Mummy Daddy!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
My parents and 2 youngest brothers went for a vacation to Kuala Lumpur and Kelantan, Malaysia last 5 January and came back last 10 Jan.

For a 'spoilt' daughter and sister like I am who is so close to both my parents and brothers, I missed them terribly especially when I was home alone.

Wished I could go with them but my work commitment made it quiet impossible and to buy an air ticket for a last minute flight is too expensive for a short stay hence I just stayed at home, taking care of the house, feeding the cats, birds and the turtles.

But the best thing being left behind from a family vacation was that I was spoilt from faraway! LOL! Every shopping trips they went to, my dad would call me up and asked what do I want? Honestly, I didn't ask for anything but somehow I ended with lots of stuffs all courtesy from my parents =)

Then last Wednesday, me, my parents and brother Faiz went to Miri. It was an unplanned trip and Dad didn't really wanted to go but by much persuasion by me, at last Dad gave in and we went to Miri around noon! Let's just say that it was a 'payback' trip for me from my parents ;)

And don't ask me on what did I spent in Miri! It was unimaginable, I think.. LOL!
But I managed to replenish my craving for Starbucks' Java Chip!!!

I know!!
Bruneians are so sad!
We have to go all the way to Miri to have a Starbucks!
Why don't we have Starbucks in Brunei, anyway??

But overall, trillions thanks to both my Mummy and Daddy for 'granting' the wishes of this spoil daughter of yours!!
Loving you both endlessly ^_^

2 knock knock:

Ryan said...

After all these years you're still daddies little girl aww, not having a Starbucks should be seen as a blessing!!

iantie said...

ryan, yeah! as much as i'm ashamed to admit it, i'm still my daddy's little girl! lol! i guess my dad got no choice as i am the only daughter he has =)