Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I think he looks very cute and bubbly in this videoclip! ^_^


My Weekend...Car Maintenance

Sunday, January 24, 2010
I had quiet a buzy weekend with special attention to my car.

Yup...my car is my 'boyfriend' coz my car is the closest thing I had in a boyfriend *how sad* haha! Anyway, my plan for today was to change my 2 rear tyres but when I arrived at TyreMart in Gadong, I ended up changing all the 4 tyres! Don't bother to ask how much everything cost coz it sure made a dent on my last paycheck and bonus *kccciiinnnggg* I can just hear the dollar sign gone *big sigh* Oh well, safety before others! And sport tyres cost more than the ordinary tyres. Maybe I should switch back my tyre rims to its original...hmmmmm

After tyre changing, I went for wheel alignment. Hmmm...sometimes being a lady in a man's domain could be quiet difficult. One obvious thing was that there were no women in sight while I was changing my tyres. Oh wait! There was one woman inside the waiting area. I was there for a couple of minutes before I was called by the guys - the mechanics. The woman was reading a paper and there was another guy also waiting inside. No bad looking and he was reading a book....wow! I just a sucker for a guy who reads! hahaha!

Well, considering that my 'list' is not done yet so I can't flirt openly with the guy...whaha! Now, it makes you wonder what my 'list' would consist? I don't know yet either coz as I said, it's not done yet!

Okay, back to the origin of this post : the tyre-changing and wheel alignment took me half of the morning already and this afternoon, if the weather permits, m gonna wash my car and vacuum the interior. I think it's time I take a good care of my baby.

Don't get me wrong. I always take good care of my baby but somehow, for the last few months, m getting lazy but now, time to get back to it....

Happy weekend people!

The Beloved Sultan

M not talking about Sultan of Brunei here eventhough he is a beloved Sultan of Brunei and being loved by everyone, me included. But m talking about the recently dismissed Sultan of Johor, the late Sultan Iskandar.

Eventhough m not a Malaysian (no offence but I love being a Bruneian) but I couldn't help but to admire the late Sultan Iskandar. Basically he was the person I would trust my country and people with and with him gone, I just couldn't help but being sad and somehow lost! I know it's weird but I don't know how to explain myself...

Late Sultan Iskandar of Johor, born on 1932 passed away last Friday night at the age of 77 years old. He left a wife, 2 sons, 8 daughters and grandchildren - m not very certain the exact amount.

I posted a link from The Malaysian Insider here.

Giuliana and Bill

Ever watch this so-called reality TV show on E!?

M not really a big fan of Giuliana - no offence! But Bill *uuhhhooo*! Let's just say that he is one of the sexiest men I ever seen on TV! Haha!

When I first saw this show on E!, I was like "Hey! I know this guy from somewhere" but of course I can't remember exactly where and when. I know that I saw him on TV before but it didn't register on my mind until last night episode - well, the rerun of the previous episode where Giuliana was trying to cook for first time and Bill invited his friends to come over. Only then I remembered where I seen Bill before. He is one of the 'apprentices' *smacking myself*

Bill joined the reality TV show The Apprentice and that's the one and only season of The Apprentice that I saw coz after that I don't think I can look at the rest of the apprentices without comparing them to Bill!He looked 'delicious' back then - sorry Giuliana - but now, he ever smokin' delicious *big sigh*

What a lucky girl Giuliana is...hmmmm!

Oh well, wishing them all the best ;)

1 in 285,000

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
That's the ratio of a study, the chances of you finding the right partner, that I heard in a radio few days back.

1 : 285,000?? That's a lot! And can you imagine the Brunei population is around 500,000 (give or take) and eligible, young and marriageable male (Bruneians) is what - around 150,000!

Conclusion = I would never find the right partner! LOL!

When I was listening to the radio and when it said that your chances of finding the truly right partner is 1 in 285,000 people, I couldn't help but to wonder. If the study is found to be exact, it means that only 2 couples in Brunei are married to their right partner while the rest are wrong for each other! Hmmmm..... Freaky!

When the gossipmonger IS the gossip

Gossipmonger = the person / people who gossip a lot.

I was 'interacting' with some of my colleagues for the last few days and gosh..you would be surprised what your colleagues gossiped about. Well, mostly, they gossiped about one another! LOL! Office politics as I often called it.

Me, m not really a gossipmonger. Or am I? LOL! Honestly, I couldn't be so sure. I do gossip as any normal people do but I don't call it gossiping. I called it 'emotionally intelligence'. It's the words that me and my 'mentor', Nanette came out with few years back and wow, Nanette sure knows how to gossip..haha! Sorry Net but no one can beat you. She is a Filipino colleague of mine, who spent 20 years working here in Brunei and she taught me well - professionally and others, if you get what I mean. Haha!

But what suprise me was that, from a conversation few days back with some colleagues and after some expert 'diggings', I was shocked to know that some colleagues do gossip about me! Yup, me! Moi! Myself! Gosh, I don't know what they gossip about me but it sure is an interesting thing to know. I mean, as far as I am concern, I didn't raise any issue to gossip about...or did I? Okay, now m confused!

Anyway, I believe in karma, "what comes around, goes around". In other words, if you gossip about others, others would gossip about you....

One of my belated new year resolution (although m never stick to it anyway) is to gossip less, listen more ^_^ unless the root of the gossips are far too interesting to ignore..haha! Wish me luck peeps!

My Weekend....in bed!

Monday, January 18, 2010
Yup! I spent most of - well, strike that - all my weekend either in bed, on the couch or on a chair in the dinning room but mostly in bed!


Because I spoke too soon and my left arm was killing me!


Because of the H1N1 jab! Gosh! I don't want to go thru this again! I hope I won't go thru any jab anytime soon. I don't think I can face it!

Last Saturday night, my arm throbbed and the pain started! I slept early after watching series Aristrocrats (a British TV series) and by 1.30am, I woke up with a stabbing pain all over my left arm. I can't lift my arm at all and I was thinking it maybe paralysed! Trust me, the pain was sooo awful that I was thinking the worst! It seems every nerves on my left arm are dead and m left with never-ending pains *dramatic mode*. I think I would save myself from the embarasement here and not to say that I NEARLY cried because of the pain. I woke up, massage myself with some hot oil and rest my arm on a bundle of pillow and I was aslept, with my lights on!

Sunday, I took my bath (another effort to lift my painful arm) but I managed to get a proper bath on my own! Watched Legends of the Fall on HBO! If any of you don't remember this movie, this is the first movie, in my opinion that made Brad Pitt famous as he is now! Believe it or not, I haven't watch this movie till yesterday...yikes! Gosh, can't remember what year this movie was made but it sure was long time ago and I only watch it now, in 2010! What a joke!

Anyway, after Legends of the Fall, I went for my nap until my mum woke me up and after had my late lunch, I was in bed again, watching the rerun of Scrubs season 6 up till I went to bed again last night - which was early!

Yup! Another weekend wasted in bed but I couldn't help myself. It's my arm! But today, Alhamdulillah, it is okay - my arm that is - or do I speak too soon?

Oh well, hope you guys have a better weekend than I did!

2 jabs in 2 days!

Saturday, January 16, 2010
I dislike needles - injections mainly. Needles for sewing, that I can tolerate.

But as the years passed by, I learnt to overcome my fear of needles. Mainly because I'm working in a medical field. Once in a while I need a jab or two or more. Gosh! I lost count how many times I got needles poked into my veins.

I got a bad experience with needles. It happened when I was doing my medical checkup to go overseas back in 2003. The phleobotomist was trying to withdrew blood sample from my right vein. She poked and kept on poking until I said, "awww.." then she looked at me guiltily and said, "it's hard to get blood from this vein. I need to try the other arm." And I was like, "what?" but didn't said it out loud. Considering that it needs to be done, I let her and after 2 attempts, she managed to drew some. That day, I can't work hard. Both of my arms were being poked!

Good thing being an underweight person (which I used to be! haha) is that m not eligible to donate blood hence less poking. So the only time I 'surrender' my arms to the phleobotomist were when I'm required for some tests - blood sugar, cholesterol, hepatitis B and recently thyroid.

Anyway, last Thursday, I was listed for the health promotion program. It's given to the civil servants of the Brunei government and I think I'm on phase 1 hence mainly it concentrated on Ministry of Health staffs only at the moment. Came to the Health Promotion Centre with my bff and I was no 6 on the que while my bff was no 7 - must be really her lucky number! Upon registration, blood was taken for sugar, cholesterol and cretanine. Another poke to my skinny arm. I tried to distract myself by looking around apart from my arm and put my whole trust on the phleobotomist to do the 'right' thing.

After blood, they checked the weight, height, waist and hip measurements and yea! m no longer underweight. I'm exactly on the border of underweight and normal! Gosh! My feelings? I'm happy that m not an underweight no more but at the same time, I was to lose weight, mainly on my tummy area...hmmmppp! My WHR - waist hip ratio - is also normal! Basically - without the blood results - m a healthy bunny ^_^

Late this afternoon, 20 minutes before work ends and the weekend start, the technicians from the vaccination centre came down and asked whether we want to vaccinated ourselves with the H1N1 vaccine. If you asked me 4 weeks ago, I would say no and my answer was still no last Thursday. But a memo came out from the Minister of Health to ask every frontliners who served the patient to get vaccinated with the vaccine. Gosh! What a hassle but job is a job. Hence this afternoon, I got myself vaccinated and so far, Alhamdullilah, I didn't experienced any side effects...not yet anyway and I hope not! But the pain is there on the injection site.

So, that's 2 poking in a week, another self-history in the making!

Me and Fast Foods

For 2 consecutive weeks, I made 2 histories - I ate at 3 different fastfoods restaurant in Brunei and secondly, I got 2 jabs in a week (which I will post later!)

Due to my craving and pms-ing (yup, blame the hormones again!), I somehow can't stop eating burgers, chips and chicken! Yup, all those unhealthy menus.

Last Thursday, I ate at Express fastfood in the airport while sending my dad off and the day after that, last week, Friday, me and my bff went to the Jollibee for our breakfast and then went to KFC for our late lunch.

Sunday, I went out with my mum and brother and we stopped by McD! Ahhh...McD! Who doesn't love McD? And to close the week with fastfoods, me and my second youngest brother went to KFC again last Wednesday night! Wow!

So, that's Express, Jollibee, KFC and McDonald and back to KFC again! What a week! Now, I can't stand the sight of chicken! But no worries, it would only be temporary. I would be back to my usual self soon!

A year after!

Weather in Brunei is bad at the moment especially for the past 3 days!

Non-stop rain from Wednesday night to whole day Thursday caused flashflood to most flood-area prone here in Brunei and my place especially.

A year ago, I remembered we were home-quarantined because of the flood. And those time were the worst (compared to this year). Last year, the water rise somewhere to my waist - if I go to the main road of Ban 5 - and considering that our house is a bit high, only the dinning room was affected last flood.

Luckily this year, or shall I say, last Thursday night, the water had risen and thank God, I was driving my dad's car. Hence I was the saviour for 2 of my brothers and mum. They had to park our cars on the highland near the school and as I came home from work, I fetched all 3 of them and with my dad's car, we went through the flood. It was not as bad as last year but considering that the rain had no sign of stopping, we made efforts to move our other cars! Gosh, so many cars, problems, no car also problem..hehe!

Anyway, now everything is okay...well, I hope so but the weather is still gloomy! Believe it or not, I don't think I had seen the sun for the last 4 days now. It was always covered by the clouds. Now, don't I just craving for a bit of sun!

Me and Strawberry

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
I love strawberry but I don't like the smell, any smell of strawberry apart from the fruit itself!

Weird? Not really if you think about it. Strawberry, may it be in a perfume, ice-cream, deodorant(?), they all have the thick, stinging odor but in the fruit, it's the smell of pure nature of strawberry. Don't get me wrong! The strawberry smell is sweet but it doesn't seem nice in any other form apart from the fruits.

You might think why I'm wasting my time talking and discussing about strawberries but if you spend every morning eating strawberries (like I do), you will tend to smell the difference!

Happy smelling!

Stress Day!

Today had to be the stressest day for eversince we stepped into 2010! or maybe m just being plain PMS-ing! Yup! Blame the hormones!

Today, I woke up bright and shiny - eventhough the weather is totally the opposite; had my breakfast; joked with my mum and two younger brothers (my dad is in KL at the moment) and started to get ready for work.

Traffic jam....hmmm...somehow I got used to it already eversince the school reopens and life back to 'normal'. From my home to my workplace, it would only take me 15-20 minutes with smooth or less traffic but since the school reopens, it took me around 30-45 minutes from my place to work and the traffic....wow! it was that hectic! Lucky for me, I needn't send my brother to school no more considering that he drives himself so less destination for me.

This morning, I don't know why and what causing the traffic but it was so damned heavy and slow and everything all roll into one. Apparently there was an accident just after the Beribi roundabout. Fewwhhh! I managed to arrive 15 minutes before the start of work and hence, less time for me to settle stuffs.

By 7.50am, I was on the phone, trying my very best to call the State Medical Store (SMS) to remind them to send my fridge drugs considering that my scheduled transport is today. I called 3 different numbers but no-freaking-one picked up and this went on for 1-freaking hour! Trust me, with so many things that need to be done, being on the phone trying to call someone is just making my mood ever so lousy. 10 minutes before 9am, I managed to get hold on one of the storekeepers and bloody #e!!, he doesn't know anything - not even a damned thing!! He just asked me to do urgent order! WTF??! I had been ordering the same things for the last 3 months and not even a single thing came! And he asked me to order again?? Seriously?! From that moment on, I was totally pissed off! I scolded him on the phone, regardless he is more senior than me or whatever but if he can't do his job right, damned well I will vent up my anger to him! After he promised me that he will do my urgent order and send via transport next week, m done with him - for the time being!

By 10.30am, the rest of my stocks came. Long overdue stocks I may say! Usually it would took them 2 weeks or 10 working days to complete the ordering but for this order, it took them 1-freaking month! I send my order last 2nd December and only today, I received it! and even then, some of the essential drugs were missing! Gracious me! If I don't have any patience left....I think I will go entirely mad!

Thursday, it would be my turn and my bff for our medical checkup! Gosh, I think everything will shoot up - my blood reading that is! I hope my blood pressure will do just fine! If I check my BP today, surely it would over the normal limit. Then, there is the matter of cholesterol. It had been 3 months since my last exercise - hiking and jogging - and lately, I had been stuffing myself with foods! Oh, I got a tummy aka now m getting healthy! I wouldn't call people fat, I would call then healthy and healthy I am (meaning fat!) haha!

Oh yea, last Sunday, I somehow got a viral infection on the corner of my upper lip. Got myself checked by the professional and I was right, I got a viral infection. People (patients mostly) looked at me weirdly and I think I can understand their thinking. If anyone who is not familiar with tropical viral infection, they would just assumed that I was being kissed thorougly and senselessly. Well, it looked like I was having bruises from too much kissing - which I don't - and having it on the corner of my lips doesn't help matter much...oh well...another day in my life...

Sherlock Holmes

Friday, January 8, 2010

Watched this movie while I went out with my bff yesterday morning.

Nice movie! It's a combinations of spy work, investigation, magic and humor! And what can I say the combinations between Robert Downey Jr and Judd Law? Marvelous! They are the best Holmes-Watson duo...couldn't think of anyone better.

A must wtach movie, by my recommendation that is..hehe!

An Excerpt from a Fellow Blogger

I was reading a fellow blogger, Turquoise Diaries entry for the new year - Happy 2010 (couldn't help but to love her journal). In there she was noting down the things she had done in her life - 45 worthful-thing that she had done - and it gave me an idea - the same idea basically; to write my own.

So now, I have a book and soon, I will write down all the 28 things I had done in my life - although it won't be that exciting - and another 28 things that I want to do in my life - the things that I promised myself that I will do up till life have given up on me aka death.

I told my bff one of the things that I want to do while we went for our outting today and she asked me what's the naughiest thing that I want to do? Hmmmm...tough one coz there is none! Haha! Nice girl? Nah, I don't think so. Give me some times and some thinking, I might just come out with one! But do I have the guts to pull it off? That's to be determined!

My Shelfbook

Got the widget from fellow blogger, Pooch Morning Glory's website.

Considering that lately, I had been reading a lot of ebooks compared to the actual book, so I decided to display the titles and covers of the ebooks that I had read so far. Of course there are much more but at the time being, all those I can update.

The first one, When the Duke Returns would be my next book to read. Mind you, book not ebook. I bought it while I was in KK. At the moment, m reading Four in Hand by Stephanie Laurens also a book I managed to buy in KK and the rest of the books on the shelf are the ebooks that I had read since my last entry on the matter of books and readings.

I will try to update the shelfbook as often as I can now that almost all my paperworks are done. My report for the year 2009 had been submitted yesterday and now, m just concentrating on some pending paperworks that required no urgent attention - well, don't let my boss reads that or he would have my head...hehe!

Law Abiding Citizen

I was watching Law Abiding Citizen on dvd last night and wow! it was a movie that made me some thinking. How do you know when justice is being served?

It's a story of Clyde (Gerard Butler) whose wife and little girl was raped and brutally murdered infront of his very own eyes while he was tied, gagged and stabbed. Darby and Ames were supposed to be thieves. Ames only watched while Darby did all those horrible stuffs.

Nick (Jamie Foxx) is the DA for Clyde and when Darby came forward and accused Ames of doing the horrible crimes, Nick made a deal with Darby - testified against Ames and Darby would only serve 5 years sentence behind the bar compared to death sentence to Ames. Clyde was not satisfied! Who would?

10 years later, Ames was scheduled to die via lethal injection and that's when everything started. Clyde came back to seek revenge. He, by some work and intelligence. prolonged Ames suffering on the death row table; lured Darby to a warehouse where he (Darby) was brutally slaughtered by Clyde. Clyde got arrested and from his prison cell, he started to kill whoever had associated with his family's case 10 years ago until, as he (Clyde) said, "Justice is served." Nick and all his assistants were now having doubt whether they had made the right 'decision' 10 years ago....

It's not really a brutal movie as you would see in any other movies but as I said, it made me think. Revenge is a powerful thing, it could eat you alive.

One particular scene that I like from this movie is the scene where Gerard Butler was naked! Yup! Damned butt naked! The scene is only for 2 seconds but wow! it totally worth it ;)Nice ass! Whaha!

Acidentally In Love - Counting Crows

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tattoo - Jordin Spark

M still confused whether it's Jordan or Jordin....

This is one of the songs you will hear while waiting for me to answer my phone ^_^


Welcoming the New Year....

Monday, January 4, 2010
I was in the neigbouring country, Kota Kinabalu on the new year's eve. We arrived around 10pm and by the time we checked into the hotel, I was drop dead tired - working in the morning, took a boat ride to Temburong and straight road trip all the way to KK, Sabah.

I was in deep slumber when the date changed to 1st January 2010 but I could hear all the fireworks and the celebrations going on..
1st January 2010, I shop like I used to shop (haha!) and by the end of the day, I told my dad I had enough - basically m running out of cash and had to restrain myself from using my cards - and suggested we go home a day early. So we went home Saturday.

Arrived home around 4pm after stopping by Temburong for a while.
Saturday night, my brothers dragged my exhausted body to watch Old Dogs. It was not supposed to air yet but we managed to watc
h the sneak preview.


That's all I can say about this movie. Robin Williams of course is made to act for funny funny movies but John Travolta, I have to say, lovin' his performances.

It's a story of two bestfriends - Don (Williams) and Charlie (Travolta). They had been thru so many years together. Everytime Don had problems - which is always - Charlie is always there. Until 1 day, Don met up with his ex-wife and his twin children he never knew exist.

It's a comedy starting
that point onwards with Don trying to become a real father to both of his kids. It was a must-see movie for the year 2010. Let's just say that it's a great movie to open the 2010.

I also managed to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 before the new year and it was not as good as the first movie but the Chipettes are super-cute ^_^ Managed to get few laughs out of me.

After 3 days holiday, people are back to work and school reopens today. And welcome to the normal hectic-ness (is there such word?). My brother, who just recently got his driving liscence now drive himself to school so for once, in the last 3 years, I no need to send him to school. But still I was caught in the traffic jam - on the way to work and on my way home from work.

My paperworks are piling up, mainly because I need to do my drug usages for the whole year 2009 and I managed to finish 95% of it tonight...hopefully I can submit it by Thursday - that's the dateline anyway.

Oh well....nothing changes for me for this year. What I can see ahead is work, work and more work!