Giuliana and Bill

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ever watch this so-called reality TV show on E!?

M not really a big fan of Giuliana - no offence! But Bill *uuhhhooo*! Let's just say that he is one of the sexiest men I ever seen on TV! Haha!

When I first saw this show on E!, I was like "Hey! I know this guy from somewhere" but of course I can't remember exactly where and when. I know that I saw him on TV before but it didn't register on my mind until last night episode - well, the rerun of the previous episode where Giuliana was trying to cook for first time and Bill invited his friends to come over. Only then I remembered where I seen Bill before. He is one of the 'apprentices' *smacking myself*

Bill joined the reality TV show The Apprentice and that's the one and only season of The Apprentice that I saw coz after that I don't think I can look at the rest of the apprentices without comparing them to Bill!He looked 'delicious' back then - sorry Giuliana - but now, he ever smokin' delicious *big sigh*

What a lucky girl Giuliana is...hmmmm!

Oh well, wishing them all the best ;)

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