My Weekend...Car Maintenance

Sunday, January 24, 2010
I had quiet a buzy weekend with special attention to my car.

Yup...my car is my 'boyfriend' coz my car is the closest thing I had in a boyfriend *how sad* haha! Anyway, my plan for today was to change my 2 rear tyres but when I arrived at TyreMart in Gadong, I ended up changing all the 4 tyres! Don't bother to ask how much everything cost coz it sure made a dent on my last paycheck and bonus *kccciiinnnggg* I can just hear the dollar sign gone *big sigh* Oh well, safety before others! And sport tyres cost more than the ordinary tyres. Maybe I should switch back my tyre rims to its original...hmmmmm

After tyre changing, I went for wheel alignment. Hmmm...sometimes being a lady in a man's domain could be quiet difficult. One obvious thing was that there were no women in sight while I was changing my tyres. Oh wait! There was one woman inside the waiting area. I was there for a couple of minutes before I was called by the guys - the mechanics. The woman was reading a paper and there was another guy also waiting inside. No bad looking and he was reading a book....wow! I just a sucker for a guy who reads! hahaha!

Well, considering that my 'list' is not done yet so I can't flirt openly with the guy...whaha! Now, it makes you wonder what my 'list' would consist? I don't know yet either coz as I said, it's not done yet!

Okay, back to the origin of this post : the tyre-changing and wheel alignment took me half of the morning already and this afternoon, if the weather permits, m gonna wash my car and vacuum the interior. I think it's time I take a good care of my baby.

Don't get me wrong. I always take good care of my baby but somehow, for the last few months, m getting lazy but now, time to get back to it....

Happy weekend people!

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Didz said...

Hi m8, I was thinking the same thing but since my arm still sore... I wonder if you can help me wash my car too?...and for free?? :P Both cars laa...can? hehe

iantie said...

hmmm...i can wash both of ur cars for u m8 but under 1 condition = m driving ur car, can? haha!

Didz-W said...

Haha! I don't mind, u can drive, I'll just bunk in. :P

Later m8!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

im doing car maintenance right now too. i hate spending my money on it but it feels good when its done.
i would love to clean my car but its too cold out right now... raining this week tho, not snow...

o ya, and my mechanic is married :(


iantie said...

m8: u can bunk in anytime but u pay for the fuel ah...considering it's ur car..haha!

laura: i suggest u find a new mechanics! LOL! Nah, just kidding! I know how you feel. You and I both feel the same.

But the feelings after changing everything are nice, ain't it? besides, safety first before others ;)

Immanuel Llorens said...

Oh, good for you to know something about boy stuff. How long have you been driving? I hope you'll have a boyfriend (Yes, a boyfriend) who will take care of you. LOL! Yes it is, it's safety first. And that's what always should be. :)

iantie said...

Hey Immanuel,

thanks for dropping by to my so-not-updated blog LOL!!! I had been driving since 2001 - 10 years of madness driving.. just kidding. the roads here in Brunei are considered okay compared to other countries. it ain't that hectic as Indonesia, Philippines or India. Our populations are only around 500,000 so you can imagine how the traffic is.
The boyfriend part, well... no such luck... yet! LOL! thanks for the wish tho' =D