Me and Strawberry

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
I love strawberry but I don't like the smell, any smell of strawberry apart from the fruit itself!

Weird? Not really if you think about it. Strawberry, may it be in a perfume, ice-cream, deodorant(?), they all have the thick, stinging odor but in the fruit, it's the smell of pure nature of strawberry. Don't get me wrong! The strawberry smell is sweet but it doesn't seem nice in any other form apart from the fruits.

You might think why I'm wasting my time talking and discussing about strawberries but if you spend every morning eating strawberries (like I do), you will tend to smell the difference!

Happy smelling!

3 knock knock:

iantie said...

Caleb, thank you. m trying my best to keep updating ;)

Pooch Morning Glory said...

hey girl...
i tend to agree. most times it smells sweet and cheap.
the odd time it can be good, but nothing beats the real thing!

iantie said...

laura, great minds think alike ^_^