Law Abiding Citizen

Friday, January 8, 2010
I was watching Law Abiding Citizen on dvd last night and wow! it was a movie that made me some thinking. How do you know when justice is being served?

It's a story of Clyde (Gerard Butler) whose wife and little girl was raped and brutally murdered infront of his very own eyes while he was tied, gagged and stabbed. Darby and Ames were supposed to be thieves. Ames only watched while Darby did all those horrible stuffs.

Nick (Jamie Foxx) is the DA for Clyde and when Darby came forward and accused Ames of doing the horrible crimes, Nick made a deal with Darby - testified against Ames and Darby would only serve 5 years sentence behind the bar compared to death sentence to Ames. Clyde was not satisfied! Who would?

10 years later, Ames was scheduled to die via lethal injection and that's when everything started. Clyde came back to seek revenge. He, by some work and intelligence. prolonged Ames suffering on the death row table; lured Darby to a warehouse where he (Darby) was brutally slaughtered by Clyde. Clyde got arrested and from his prison cell, he started to kill whoever had associated with his family's case 10 years ago until, as he (Clyde) said, "Justice is served." Nick and all his assistants were now having doubt whether they had made the right 'decision' 10 years ago....

It's not really a brutal movie as you would see in any other movies but as I said, it made me think. Revenge is a powerful thing, it could eat you alive.

One particular scene that I like from this movie is the scene where Gerard Butler was naked! Yup! Damned butt naked! The scene is only for 2 seconds but wow! it totally worth it ;)Nice ass! Whaha!

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