Me and Fast Foods

Saturday, January 16, 2010
For 2 consecutive weeks, I made 2 histories - I ate at 3 different fastfoods restaurant in Brunei and secondly, I got 2 jabs in a week (which I will post later!)

Due to my craving and pms-ing (yup, blame the hormones again!), I somehow can't stop eating burgers, chips and chicken! Yup, all those unhealthy menus.

Last Thursday, I ate at Express fastfood in the airport while sending my dad off and the day after that, last week, Friday, me and my bff went to the Jollibee for our breakfast and then went to KFC for our late lunch.

Sunday, I went out with my mum and brother and we stopped by McD! Ahhh...McD! Who doesn't love McD? And to close the week with fastfoods, me and my second youngest brother went to KFC again last Wednesday night! Wow!

So, that's Express, Jollibee, KFC and McDonald and back to KFC again! What a week! Now, I can't stand the sight of chicken! But no worries, it would only be temporary. I would be back to my usual self soon!

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