When the gossipmonger IS the gossip

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Gossipmonger = the person / people who gossip a lot.

I was 'interacting' with some of my colleagues for the last few days and gosh..you would be surprised what your colleagues gossiped about. Well, mostly, they gossiped about one another! LOL! Office politics as I often called it.

Me, m not really a gossipmonger. Or am I? LOL! Honestly, I couldn't be so sure. I do gossip as any normal people do but I don't call it gossiping. I called it 'emotionally intelligence'. It's the words that me and my 'mentor', Nanette came out with few years back and wow, Nanette sure knows how to gossip..haha! Sorry Net but no one can beat you. She is a Filipino colleague of mine, who spent 20 years working here in Brunei and she taught me well - professionally and others, if you get what I mean. Haha!

But what suprise me was that, from a conversation few days back with some colleagues and after some expert 'diggings', I was shocked to know that some colleagues do gossip about me! Yup, me! Moi! Myself! Gosh, I don't know what they gossip about me but it sure is an interesting thing to know. I mean, as far as I am concern, I didn't raise any issue to gossip about...or did I? Okay, now m confused!

Anyway, I believe in karma, "what comes around, goes around". In other words, if you gossip about others, others would gossip about you....

One of my belated new year resolution (although m never stick to it anyway) is to gossip less, listen more ^_^ unless the root of the gossips are far too interesting to ignore..haha! Wish me luck peeps!

2 knock knock:

Didz said...

Forgot to mention this earlier - so what's the gossip about u? hehe I think I'd love to hear abt it. kekeke... :P

p/s: I haven't heard anything around!

iantie said...

m8: i think u know what the gossip all about.. but f not, later i tell u, k?