A year after!

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Weather in Brunei is bad at the moment especially for the past 3 days!

Non-stop rain from Wednesday night to whole day Thursday caused flashflood to most flood-area prone here in Brunei and my place especially.

A year ago, I remembered we were home-quarantined because of the flood. And those time were the worst (compared to this year). Last year, the water rise somewhere to my waist - if I go to the main road of Ban 5 - and considering that our house is a bit high, only the dinning room was affected last flood.

Luckily this year, or shall I say, last Thursday night, the water had risen and thank God, I was driving my dad's car. Hence I was the saviour for 2 of my brothers and mum. They had to park our cars on the highland near the school and as I came home from work, I fetched all 3 of them and with my dad's car, we went through the flood. It was not as bad as last year but considering that the rain had no sign of stopping, we made efforts to move our other cars! Gosh, so many cars, problems, no car also problem..hehe!

Anyway, now everything is okay...well, I hope so but the weather is still gloomy! Believe it or not, I don't think I had seen the sun for the last 4 days now. It was always covered by the clouds. Now, don't I just craving for a bit of sun!

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