My Shelfbook

Friday, January 8, 2010
Got the widget from fellow blogger, Pooch Morning Glory's website.

Considering that lately, I had been reading a lot of ebooks compared to the actual book, so I decided to display the titles and covers of the ebooks that I had read so far. Of course there are much more but at the time being, all those I can update.

The first one, When the Duke Returns would be my next book to read. Mind you, book not ebook. I bought it while I was in KK. At the moment, m reading Four in Hand by Stephanie Laurens also a book I managed to buy in KK and the rest of the books on the shelf are the ebooks that I had read since my last entry on the matter of books and readings.

I will try to update the shelfbook as often as I can now that almost all my paperworks are done. My report for the year 2009 had been submitted yesterday and now, m just concentrating on some pending paperworks that required no urgent attention - well, don't let my boss reads that or he would have my head...hehe!

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