~~You're my sunshine after the rain~~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
I got the not too-crazy morning yesterday
but not my normal morning either.

In order to finish my downloads, I got off late from work that morning...
...which is a bit okay, considering that I'm going to relieve a colleague somewhere.

But then I got stuck in the traffic, realized that my fuel ain't that enough for the journey
so I stopped for fuel.

Once I reached the highway, I got stuck again - in an accident!

And yesterday, of all day, I decided to drive 1300cc car instead of my 'super' 2000cc car.
I can't drive-like-mad no matter how bad I wanted to reach on time coz of the car
so I ended up 5 minutes late... which ain't that bad either, I think?

Then, quarter to 10am, I had to rush back to my workplace coz somehow, with so many people getting off and sick, my colleague was left alone! So, I drove as fast as I could.

Arrived at my workplace, no parking available. So I just blocked everyone.. LOL!
I just left my car key to the security... I'm not that selfish! Haha!

My 'reward' came early in the afternoon =)
Thank you God for sending that guy with the yummy necktie to brighten up what's left of my day =D

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