Eat Pray Love - The Movie and The Book

Saturday, November 20, 2010
I managed to watch this on DVD last night and it was ahhh-mehhh-zing!

Okay! Maybe that's just for me but gosh! I am so ashamed that I had never read the book!
Yup! Of course I heard of this book but somehow of all the books that I had read, somehow I miss reading this one.

To think about it, I had never read any books by Elizabeth Gilbert (FYI, she is the author of this book). Oh, check out her website... it's great!

Eat your heart out in Italy, Pray for the search of your inner being in India and Love somehow finds its way to your heart in Bali, Indonesia.

I got to admit, I think I went thru' a mini phase of what Liz Gilbert had gone thru but in a minute scale... I think ;)

Now, I need to get that book!

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