A E I O U in a relationship

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
A = acceptance
accept your partner for who they are.
remember, you are falling in love with who he/she is. if
you try to change them, they are no longer 'themselves'

E = empathy
accept who they are because you want to NOT because
you sympathize with the person

I = interested
be interested in whatever your partner is saying and doing coz you might never know when the 'quizzes' would pop up

O = open up
open up to each other about your likes, dislikes, interests,
hobbies and dreams. you might be surprised on what you might discover

U = understanding
do I need to explain further? Nah! I think couples out there are expert in these stuffs compared to me.

2 knock knock:

beanizer_05 said...

*reading every letter*

hmmm..love guru...errrrrr...

iantie said...

who? me?

haha! nah! i got this from a DJ on national radio station on my way to work 1 morning... =D