My Friday

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Went to the fish market. Dad knows that I'm so totally hopeless with choosing fish and cooking them hence he loves to drag me to the fish market!

He said, if I
don't know to choose and cook the fish, at least help him by just carrying them! Great! I look like a maid walking alongside my dad carrying all those fishes.

But what I love my dad for is that whatever I want to eat, he would buy it for me
*huge grin* and my favourite would be

Here craby craby~~~~


Me and my brother went to watch Megamind 3D. This would be my second 3D movie experience.

The 3D cinema is okay. I wouldn't say it's great either. Somehow it doesn't really deliver the effects.. hmmm. BUT the movie is hilarious! It's a fun family movie.

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