Ah! November

Monday, November 1, 2010
2 more months, it would be 2011!
Time really pass you by without you noticing, ain't it?

I started to work again after 2 weeks of leave
My bff is getting married end of this month
Haj season is here and Eid Adha is just 2 weeks away
And the rainy season is upon Brunei...

What's not to love about November??

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

november for me is the darkest month.
the days get shorter and begins to be really cold.
i will make the best of it tho:)
have a great day

iantie said...

imagine what december would be like for you, laura.
but, it would be wonderful to cuddle infront of the fireplace, reading a novel, sipping on hot chocolate drink ;)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

haha, yes, i have the hot chocolate ready. there was a bit of snow on the ground this morning already. at least in december i have a birthday plus im flying home for christmas holidays
AND dec 21 is my fav day because the days begin to get longer on the solstice.
i will survive it even with no fireplace.... lots of books and a blanket tho :)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

can you please explain haj and eid adha.... i think i asked you this before but i like to know

iantie said...

no worries Pooch.
Haj is a muslim journey or voyage if you want to call it that. it's an annual pilgrimage of muslim to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It's only can be done in a month of Zulhijjah (of the Muslim Calender). For muslim, it's a pilgrimage you have to do at least once in your lifetime. It's to clean your body and soul and hopefully be a better person. It's like a Christian going to Jeruselam for their pilgrimage. So, for us, muslim, we went to Saudia Arabia.

Meanwhile, Eid Adha is the day of sacrifice. In our culture, for those who can afford it, we sacrifice cow, sheep, camel and distribute these to the poor people. It's part of our way seeking of good deeds from the Almighty.

I'm not sure if my explanation helps but you can check this site and learn more..


I haven't go for Haj yet coz it's 'expensive'. We need around B$8000+ for the airfares, transports, foods and hotels. But I went for Umrah once. Umrah is similar like Haj but it's a lesse pilgrimage. The deeds are a bit less than Haj. But going for Haj is on the top of my list now ;)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

pls pardon my ignorance and thank you for teaching me. im curious about other cultures and the way to learn is to ask.
why do you wear a headscarf?

iantie said...

i'm glad to help what I can Pooch ;) although i have to admit, i'm not a good muslim yet! i'm trying to be ;)

a woman's boundaries (that can be seen by others with the exception of their family members) for muslim is only the face and the palms of the hand. but if we are praying, we have to cover everything except for the face. if we are exposing anything beyond that, it's consider a sin, to us for 'exposing' ourselves and to people who see us. while for a muslim man, his boundaries is between his belly button and the knees, so it's quiet safe for them to wear shorts but not too short.

if you notice, there are some muslim women out there who don't wear head scarfs. Islam is similar like Christianity too. if in christian, you have roman catholics, protestants and so on, in Islam we also have different 'views'. Islam have 2 denominations - the Sunni and Siha. Mine would be Sunni, followers of Prophet Mohammad PBUH.

Bruneians are mostly Sunni and we are required to cover our boundaries. But to be a true Muslim, it must come from the heart and not because you HAVE to. If you are not sincere, it's not use.

I hope it helped! let me know if you have any queries.. I can try to answer them for you ;)