The Final 3 TAR Asia

Monday, November 29, 2010
The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 is coming to an end
and the 3 teams left standing (and exhausted) are:

Team Indonesia
Natasha and Hussein - Daughter/Father

Team Philippines
Richard and Richard - Friends
Very confusing for a friends to have a same name but it works well with me.
It saves me from remembering their respective name.. LOL!
And I like them better when they are bald.

Team Singapore
Michelle and Claire

Who am I going for this Season?
Hmmm... tough one.
I like the Father/Daughter team to win coz if they do, they would be the 1st Father/Daughter team to win an Amazing Race Asia.
But then, I also want Michelle and Claire to win. It would be 'fun' to watch them winning it. They are not a favourite team but they might just surprise you.
As for the Richards, I think they can win this race if they keep their heads on it. They got the strength and the stamina.

So, I choose every team. LOL! Each team deserves to win this race.
All those teams who got eliminated didn't deserve to be in the final...

The Amazing Race (US) Season 17 got 2 more episodes to go as Nick and Vicki were spared from eliminated for the second time (how lucky can they get) even though they had given up in the last detour.
But my bet is that teams Nat and Kat, Jill and Thomas and Brooke and Claire would be the top 3 teams for the finals and this time I place every confidence on the all-girls team!!

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