A morning at Tamu Kianggeh (Kianggeh Market)

Friday, November 12, 2010
Tamu Kianggeh located exactly in the heart of the capital and it's named after the river, Sungai Kianggeh (Kianggeh River) which leads to Brunei River.

Every foods - may it be fruits (local fruits mainly), vegetables, fish, kueh mueh (traditional cakes and biscuits) and so many miscellaneous are being traded here.

You just have to brave through the crowd and the weather to discover them all.

As for me, I settle for whatever I happened to pass by.

See the clouds above?
What a nice weather...

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

great pics!! i would love to go there. theres alot of things there that dont look familiar but interesting

iantie said...

there are so much more to explore. as for me, i only get what i want and go but once in a while i would try to stop and look beyond of what i need and you would be surprised on what you would see and discover ;)

if you do come here, please let me know. i don't mind being your tour guide although i might be a bit lousy than a real tour guide.. hehe

Pooch Purple Reign said...

if i ever get over your way, i will be sure to let you know. i would love a busy tour guide :)

iantie said...

oh! i would be honored =)