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Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Who doesn't LOVE food??

Chocolate Fudge Cake from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Laksa Nyonya from CheezBox
I'm not a big fan of laksa but once in a while I like to change my menu

And this tray of dish is called Stamina Bento (if I'm not mistaken) from Misato Japanese Restaurant.
I'm not a fan of sushi hence the pick of this dish.

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

im loving this post. is laska like a coconut curry? i have a mix in my cupboard. i love food haha

iantie said...

yup. it's made of coconut milk. m not sure bt the curry (as i'm not that good in cooking! lol) but i think so. the taste is yummy but i didn't eat this often. not too healthy..

Pooch Purple Reign said...

sounds good to me