When smoking is ALMOST prohibited everywhere

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
**Before I go any further, I would like to apologize to others if this post is found to be offending but it's not my intentions.**

About a year ago (or was it 2 years back), Brunei government with the help of Ministry of Health had banned smoking in pubic areas mostly on government buildings and areas, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, bus stops and such (I think you got the idea).

But most citizens here in Brunei just take those law lightly. You can still see smokers puffing away almost everywhere....

....until the law is being enforced again recently where you can hear smokers being fined for smoking in public and the fine, you might consider the initial fine of $50 is quiet cheap but if you got fined again and again, trust me man, it ain't that cheap.

And when the government increased the price and the tax of a pack of cigarette, smokers started to get panic! From $2/pack to $7/pack (forgive me if I got the price wrong), I think that's a valid reason enough to get panic, don't you think? I know some smokers are blaming the government and all but hey, they are here to help. I mean, you wouldn't want to live and suffer from lung cancer, do you?

Some clinics (government clinics) even have Smoking Cessation Clinics to help the smokers to quit smoking by counselling and assessing their habits and diets where smokers are given Nicotine patches for FREE! Yup! You read me right!

Nicotine patches are FREE for those smokers who are willing to check themselves in for the SMC.

How do I know this? No! I'm not a smoker but at one time or other, I had dispense free nicotine patches to smokers patients.

Does the clinics and the patches work? The clinics, I have to say yes coz initially we only have 1 SMC (government based) here in Brunei but now, I think we have 3 (if I'm not mistaken).

As for the patches, I can't say it's working 100%. It depends on the individual. If you have the strong will to control yourself, it might be working.

I will post some tips on how to stop smoking soon....

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