Safe Toilet Syndrome

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Ever heard of this syndrome? Well, for those of you that haven't, no worries, it's not that big thing. No worries, you are not left behind in this fast moving world and truth to be told, it's nothing to fear about...unless you are really that 'kind' of sufferers.

Safe toilet syndrome is basically you choose the toilet / bowl that you 'like' before you do what's necessary aka pee, poo and all those sort of things. What I meant by choosing your own toilet is not that you bring your own toilet bowl everywhere you go - haha! that would be eccentric!. But basically your body system would only pass out when the toilet bowl is the 'right one'.

Sounds crazy? Yea, I know. From my personal experience, I can be considered as the safe toilet syndrome sufferer but not that drastic. No matter how bad I want to go but if I see the toilet is 'not right', somehow and sometimes my system would shut down and refuse to do the neccesities until the next urge comes. Sounds drastic but as I said, I'm not. If I suffered from a very very bad tummy problems, gosh, I don't care which toilet bowl I would sit, I would definitly sit on it. So, I'm not that severe sufferer!

Initially I don't know how to express this syndrome to anyone coz I don't know the right word for it so people just mainly told me to my face that I'm a choosy person but I'm glad to know that I'm not the only 1 suffering! I got the phrase 'Safe Toilet Syndrome' while I was watching Oprah years back when she interviewed this doctor (couldn't remember the name) and suprisingly, there are a lot of people like me out there....so, in conclusion, I'm not a weirdo just because I choose the toilet bowl I want to sit upon.

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