Reading Before Sleeping

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I know most of us read a book before we go to bed but the question is - why? Does it help us to fall asleep? If that's the case, what's the use of reading a book if your intention is to fall asleep? Don't you want to finish the book? Don't you want to know the ending?

Being an enthusiastic reader, I can't stop reading when I started so reading before I go to sleep is really really a bad idea. It happened so many times. When I started to read before I go to bed, I would either end up sleeping late in order to finish the book or sleep for awhile but I would wake up few hours later to finish reading it which both would result in lack of sleep!

I think what I need is a self control which I think m lacking these days. I don't know how other readers managed it? Any pointers??

2 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

Read the last page or just the synopsis perhaps m8? hehe :P

iantie said...

haha...if that's the case m8, i would have read thousands and thousands of book..hehe but good pointer thou' ;)