...and The Amazing Race is Back!

Thursday, February 18, 2010
The Amazing Race Season 16 is back!

And once again, my blog enteries would be filled with all the race details. Those I like and those not so. This season 11 teams are competing for the $1 million - Brent and Caite (dating models), Carol and Brandy (dating), Adrian and Dana (married), Jet and Cord (brothers/cowboys), Jody and Shannon (grandmother/granddaughter), Joseph and Heidi (married), Jordan and Daniel (brothers), Jeff and Jordan (newly dating), Louie and Michael (detectives), Monique and Shawne (moms/attorneys) and Steve and Allison (father/daughter).

Caite, who is a model who used to be a beauty pageant (or something) somehow made a mistake in her speech (in the beauty pageant) and somehow that's become the joke among the participants. Carol and Brandy are both women - no further comment! Adriana and Dana are high school sweethearts who eventually got married; Jet and Cord - I got nothing to say about them except how can they be racing around the world with their cowboy hats and jeans?. Jody, the 'nana' is 70+ years old lady who had participated in tri-athelons, so do not underestimate her! Joseph and Heidi, well, I kindda don't like Joseph...don't ask me why! Jordan and Daniel - one of these brother is gay, I can't remember which; and the rest, I got nothing to say.

From LA to Santiago, Chile! What a very unique country. The task was one team member had to walk on a rope suspended HIGH up in the air to get across to the other side. The length? The length of a football field. YIKES! I could crumble doing the task if you ask me coz m basically afraid of height!

Sadly to say, Adrian and Dana were eliminated at the end of the race when Adrian couldn't finish the task after trying it twice! Brent and Caite were given 30 minutes penalty when they missed out on one of the route while Steve and Allison painted the wrong house - that part was funny! Hehe!

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