Random Stuffs About Me

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
1. As my bff said, she is just another victim for this blog-tagging. Oh! Surprise surprise...M on top of her blog-tagging list hence M her victim of this blog-tagging..haha!

2. 25 things? Geezzz! That's a lot. Writing / typing facts about myself is ot my habit! M not that good in stating myself. It's always, "You ask, I answer."

3. What?? No questions?! Gosh, this would be endless....

4. Hmmmm...let's see....

5. *still hummmmm-ing*

6. I started to wear glasses when I was 13 years old and believe me, my eyesight is not getting any better as my age grows! I started to wear contact lenses back in 2003 and been a regular user for quiet a while now.

7. Bookworm - Nobody every said this to my face but I think they want to. And truth to be told, I never admit myself being a bookworm. I always rephrase myself as 'an avid reader'.

8. I used to be a tomboy! Hahaha! Seriously! Up till I was 11 years old. Then I started to wear dresses more often and behaved like a girl I was supposed to be but I think I still have some tomboy-ness inside of me.

9. I can't leave the house without all my underwears (whahaha!), proper clothing, watch, money and my driving liscence.

10. I used to wear my watch on my right hand but due to active and 'heavy' workload, I now wear it on my left hand (to minimize the scratching on my watches) and m a right handed person.

11. M a control-freak! Yup! That I admit!

12. M a perfectionist! Although it's hard to do all the time but m trying.

13. I always wanted to become an archeologist. History + adventure = total heaven!

14. M a shopaholic! But not that severe yet! Well, I try to think rationally before buying stuffs aka I love to shop but I don't intend to be covered in debt.

15. What? Only 15 sooo far! M tired!

16. I got over 50 pairs of shoes, sandles, sneakers, slippers bla bla bla in my cabinet as of this moment.

17. I got 20+ handbags, totes and such in my cabinet.

18. I got over 300+ books scattered around my room.

19. I can't sleep without my smelly (yes!), favourite bloster! I even have a name for him. It's a him coz I don't fancy hugging a 'her' when m sleeping. Haha!

20. I LOVE day/night dreaming! I can dream about anything and anywhere! I even nightdreaming before I go to bed!

21. Every morning, I woke up and said to myself, "try not to be nice today" but it always failed!

22. M searching which millionaire or billionaire in this whole wide world who is willing to lend me $1 million. I promise to pay him/her back after a year with the exact same amount. Anyone?

23. I can't believe my bff is getting married this year! Wow! *somehow in shock* Can't believe that I would end up being the last singles. Yikes! Now m freakin' out!

24. M totally addicted to E!, games and ebooks presently.

25. Yay! My suffering over.

26. Oh yea! I got no one to tag to. But if anyone interested, feel free to continue this 'blog-tagging'

3 knock knock:

Didz said...

Haha! Good one m8! Hmm...keeps me wondering,
#9. So, that should explain why you likes big bag???? Hahaha! I should ransack it one day. Haha! :P

#23. Welcome to the club! I can't believe it either and still freaking out too! Or do you want me to postpone a little bit longer? Hehe.

iantie said...

the #9 - i should rephrase it "can't leave home without bra and panties" haha! that should clarify it..

as for #23, nah, no worries m8, another stage of life. we have to go thru' it sooner or later, so why waste, right? ;)

beanizer_05 said...

heheeee..you did it..i don't know w/c part should i comment..but great 25s..so you're really nice everyday???..