Thursday, February 25, 2010
A sister and 5 brothers
From left: Andy, Wadi, Faiz, iantie, Adi and Muiz

The sister would be me and although I have 5 brothers, let's just say that I'm most closest with 3 of them. Don't get me wrong. M close with all my brothers but these 3 brothers are the ones who went out watching movies with me, lunching out with me...well, basically hang out with their elder sister.

My eldest brother, Wadi, is married with 3 girls - Wadi's angels as I called them so we rarely hang out. Only once in a while we went out for pool, eating out and watching TVs. M the 2nd, Andy the 3rd, Adi the 4th, Faiz the 5th and Muiz the 6th. M closest with the 3rd, 5th and 6th!

Adi, well, he's engaged so most of his time is with his fiance. Between me and Andy, there are 5 years difference between us hence he annoyed me the most. He always picked on me but as the big sister, I always win! Hahaha! *evil laugh*

Anyway, whenever we went out, me, Andy, Faiz and Muiz, I always ended up driving for them eventhough both Andy and Faiz got their driving liscence. Gosh! These boys, when they are around their sister, they are very ungentlemenly! *tsk*tsk*tsk*

And everytime we were in the car and we passed any car with the young ladies driving it, all 3 of them would go, "waaaaahhhh! cewek (girls!)" and started to look/stare at those poor girls. In other word, they were flirting with the young ladies in the next car. This happened a lot and I started to get embarrassed by their behaviors. I told them so but boys would always be boys.

So to all the poor young ladies outthere who had become 'the victims' of my brothers' flirting, on behalf of them, do forgive them. They mean no harm, as my colleague always said, "barking dogs never bite" well, in my brothers' case, make that, "meowing cats never scratch" coz my brothers, they are the most wonderful brothers a sister (like myself) proud to have and to call them, "my brothers".

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