My Selected Favourite Idol

Thursday, February 18, 2010
I'm not used to be a big fan of American Idol and all these while I don't know - and don't want to know - what the fusses were all about. Oh! I know what is American Idol, World Idol, Malaysian Idol, Indonesian Idol and Singaporean Idol. Infact I was staying in Singapore when they started the first Singaporean Idol and I managed to watch few of the shows.

But this year is different. M basically hooked on American Idol. I watched all the audition shows up till they announced the 24 finalists and m ecstatic that all my favourites are in the top 24! Yay!

Yup, I did picked my favourites - 3 of them - Michael Lynch, Didi Benami and Crystal Bowersox! Each one of them has the superb voices I had ever heard and not once in their performances that they disappoint me. Of course there are lot more potential idols but well let's just say that m sticking up with these 3.

Each of them has their own life story. Michael Lynch was torn between his dream to sing and to be his wife who gave birth to their baby girl on the group day. I forgot what's the name of his baby girl but it sure is a beautiful name. Didi Benami went to the audition for th
e sake of her bestfriend, Rachael who passed away. Rachael was the one who encouraged her to follow her dream and who said that Didi is a great singer - which she is. Crystal Bowe rsox - I like her! She is so spunky (if there is such a word!). She is a young mother who carried her son's picture in her back pocket...everywhere, all the time!

Anyway, I can't hardly wait for their next week p
erformances ;)

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