Buzy! Buzy! Buzy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010
I guess that's the only excuse I managed to come up with for not regularly updating my blog.

What kept occupied lately? Hmmm...let's see!

1. Always the paperworks! Oh yes! The never ending paperworks!
2. Physically and mentally drained!
3. The Amazing Race and American Idol
4. Frequent visits to the hospital
5. Household chores

Well, I won't list the other stuffs (reading ebooks, playing games bla bla bla) coz well, that's just another excuse for not updating my blog.

Work getting more hectic! More paperworks and somehow, the manpower problems are getting more and more complicated. I don't want to dwell into it considering that it's not my position to think about it. It's not that I don't care but let's just say that I'm minding my own business before minding others.

My popo (grandma), my mum's mum, was warded into the hospital last week. She had blood transfusion 1 day after being warded. And yesterday, she had a surgery - a gastro surgery. Honestly, m not really a good granddaughter. Consumed with works and all, I only managed to visit popo less than expected. Me and my brothers visited her before her surgery and this afternoon, afterwork, I visited her again. She is weak and can't do much, so I just sat there and accompany her while my cousin, Amoy, who had been her sitter for all these past days, dozed her.

Tomorrow, my cousin is getting married, so tomorrow started to get real buzy! Morning, I have to go and help my colleagues to shift clinics, then in the afternoon, for my cousin's nikah. Saturday, I need to catchup with my laundry and ironing while at night, have to attend my cousin's berbedak. Sunday, my cousin's sanding and I would be working till 11pm.

Monday, back to work, no off for me coz I need the off for Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon to accompany my mum for her appointments at the hospital. I know I had been a buzy daughter but that gave me no excuse to neglect my family especially my mum. Hence m sacrificing my much needed off to accompany my mum. Love her to bits!

2 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

m8...i wish i could do something to help out bcuz honestly, this on leave thing...I'm getting bored already :( i think 2 days of leave was really enough for me. Btw, don't get yourself beyond the limits, watch out your health too and I miss you. Hehe...

iantie said...

hey m8, no worries bt it. everyone has their ups and downs and trust me man, this year is not a good year for our department/section...always the same problem.
anyway, enjoy ur leaves...don't think too much about work ;)