Employee of the month

Thursday, February 25, 2010

That would be me for the month of March!

There would be 8 public holidays - fridays and sundays - for the month of March and believe it or not, I would be working 5 of those public holidays!! 5 out of 8 days, ain't that just great?

And oh yea, that doesn't include my on-call in the final week of March where I can be paged 24/7 for 1-whole-freaking-week!

Good luck to me!

5 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

woah! hmm..should i congratulate u? Hehe, ok, I don't think that's a good idea. :)...wow...u're a def super employee of the month m8. Please don't really be so grumpy in March on me. hehehe..I beg u!

iantie said...

congratulate me? u can't be serious m8?!
let's just say that m not looking forward to March! But hey, m taking a day at a time...we'll c how it goes, k?

Didz said...

ok..my lips are sealed now..:)

Pooch Morning Glory said...

wow... good luck to you !!

iantie said...

thanx laura ;)
enjoy your weekend!