It's Gonna Be a Long, Hectic Holidays

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
February in Brunei this year would be filled with public holidays.

This Sunday, 14th February, it would be the Chinese New Year and considering that Sunday is our official public holiday, hence it would be substitute to the following day, Monday. For me, no relaxing! As every year for the past 28 years of my life, as always, we, the whole family would go back to Temburong for the Chinese New Year! Eventhough my mum is a Chinese convert to Muslim, we still celebrate Chinese New Year with the rest of my mum's siblings and families. Unfortunately this year, the bosses couldn't spare any leave for me ;( so I have to make do with the public holidays.

Then on 23rd February, Tuesday, it would be Brunei's 26th National Day! I know we
are still 'young' but we had some sa
tisfactory achievements throughout the year. So that would be another public holiday.

3 days after our National Day, it would be Propeth Mohammad SAW's (PUH) birthday and considering
that it falls on Friday (our official public holiday) so Saturday is the substitute. So we would have long weekend - Friday to Sunday!

Unfortunately for me, I won't be having any fun for the long weekend. My cousin is getting married that weekend. Friday would be his nikah, Saturday night would be his berbedak and Sunday would be his sanding. That's family commitment. Work commitment - Saturday morning have to go to Muara Health Centre to help them move their stuffs - they are shifting to the new health centre, finally! - then Sunday I would be working from 2pm till 11pm. With the hectic time management, I don't think I can make it for my cousin's sanding considering that I have to be in the office before 2pm.

So, you see, I won't be having any fun. I think by the end of the month, I would crack down! And not to mention, March events! And April! And don't start on May, June and the rest of the months.....But the hectiest would be October *wink*wink*. Thinking about it makes me jittery...haha!

3 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

Yay me, I'll be on leave soon! Haha, yup october m8! Soooo many plans to do before october. And I also have plans for you m8 for that october (after I'm done with my plans.) *I'm winking u back!* Haha!

iantie said...

plans? sounds alot! oh let me guess, u bringing me together for your honeymoon? whahaha!
that would be a dream come true ;)

Didz-W said...

haha a dream come true? Don't tell me that's part of your big list? hahaha! Mm...I put that under consideration 1st. :P