Me and Speeding

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
One of the worst habits of mine - speeding! F m anywhere else in the world, I think I would have a full record of speeding...haha! Luckily, m in Brunei!! M not saying that the law enforcement here in Brunei is bad but let's just say that I always manage to 'escape' them...haha!

My car might be 7 years old already but somehow I feel sooooo comfortable on planting my feet on the pedal and accelerates! If m driving any other cars, my eyes are always on the speedometer and f the needles passes the 120km/hr mark, I always slow down but with my car, fewwwhhh........my eyes on the road and I don't care about the meter no more....the adrenaline rush is there!

I know! I know! Speed kills! And m trying to sustain my urge to speed but when you dream of becoming the next female formula 1 driver (ahakzzz!!!), it's so damned hard!!!

2 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

baik jua sratu beraya nda makai mondeo mu m8..hehe but lau u sorang sja x eh driving, lau bedangan inda jua ko laju banar m8..hehe or is it dat i always complain ko drive laju? hehe

iantie said...

haha...awu m8! f m wit someone, control sikit, maklumla someone's life at stake...hehe