Gerimis Rindu

Monday, September 28, 2009

Title: Gerimis Rindu
Author: Meen Zulaikha
No. of Pages: 494 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn. Bhd

I couldn't remember how many Meen Zulaikha's novels had I read but I like the last 2 - Warna Hati and Kasih Yang Suci. I started reading Gerimis Rindu 3 days before the Eid Mubarak and believe it or not, I finished it on the 2nd day of Eid! Haha! I finished it while I was sitting in the kitchen, after cleaning the 'side-effects' of the open house =D

It's a story of Ailani, lived and brought up by her grandmother. Her mother passed away while she was a small child caused by heartbroken when her husband (Ailani's dad) remarried another. The cause of death was what had been told to Ailani by her grandmother and aunt. Things changed when Ailani caused the death of her grandmother, gave her no option but to stay with her dad, step mother and 3 half-brothers. Due to her rebelious nature, she got a fight with her dad and being kicked out of the house.

Ailani who never had to work ard before to get anything she wanted, started to work as a airport limousine driver. In the line of duty, she 'met' Fatimi. Let's just say that they got off at the wrong foot hence they ended up despising each other.

Things started to get ugly when Dato' Rahim (a widow and Fatimi's dad) offered Ailani a job as his substitute driver, then as his PA. Fatimi sensed something was up with her dad and Ailani (as in ber-scandal)! He accused Ailani is after his dad's wealth. So he sets up a plan to make Ailani to fall in love with him instead! M gonna stop here coz I don't want to spoil the ending...hehe! But hey, to understand a book, especially a good book, u have to read it yourself!

Coincidently before reading Gerimis Rindu, I was rereading Meen Zulaikha's Kasih Yang Suci. I love that novel! And I feel excited when the author re-introduce the 'hero' in Kasih Yang Suci - Seth in Gerimis Rindu! At first, honestly, I was kindda frustrated with the author coz the way she re-introduced Seth in this novel made me suspicious of Seth. The first time the author mentioned Seth in this novel, I was thinking, "What?? Seth is (thinking of) having an affair with Tim (Ailani's friend and housemate)?" And I was dreading to read further about Seth coz I don't want it to be true. If any of you out there had read Kasih Yang Suci, you know how much pain and hurt Seth had to go thru' to convince Elena (the 'heroin' in Kasih Yang Suci) to accept, love and forgive him! With that much love, I don't want to know that Seth is having an affair! Call me hopeless romantic but hey, that's who I am! But m not the type of person to give up on my reading so I read till the end and fewwwhh...what a relief! Hahaha! M not gonna tell THAT ending either!

Read it, embrace it, love it!!! Happy Reading peeps!!

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