Being Single

Monday, September 28, 2009
That's the topic one radio DJ was discussing this morning on one of the local radio stations. Almost all what she was saying was true. Being a single myself, I have to admit that being single is not easy! There are so many 'challenges' out there for us to stand up to.

For me, I had an on-off relationship with men over these past few years but me, being me, nothing that lasts... hahaha! Anyway, there is a point in my life that I stop looking for 'the one'. I reliazed that with me dating men and kept on breaking their hearts and mine getting broken too, so I said to myself, better stop than being a heartbreaker!

Sure, lots of people (especially during this festive season) kept on asking me the $50K-question (coz that's the rough amount of money you need to get married!). And honestly, I don't feel anything. My ears are deaf to these types of question.

Do I ever feel lonely? No! Do I ever feeling alone? Yes! Now, I think I made some people confused! And there are some single people out there even confused with these two terms - lonely and feeling alone! For me, I never feel lonely coz I got so many things/stuffs/hobbies to occupy me but do I ever feel alone, yes! I can't avoid being alone. True, I had my family and bff who are always there for me but sometimes you just wish that there is someone who is always be there at your side....sad huh?

Oh well, for now, m happy being who I am - single! Sure...it has it disadvantages and lots of people said that I missed a lot in life but then for me, m not missing anything. Being single, I can do whatever I like, travel whereever I want and see/date whoever I desire ;) See, there are lots of good side for being single!

3 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

m8, your time will come. hey comment u later aku meeting lu..hehe

Didz said...

hey am back! hehe sorry abt earlier comment atu eh..kana panggil tah jua meeting..kacau! haha..hmm m8, seriously i believe your time will come, no worries.i say this thousand times..u know that :) dont stop wishing n dreaming abt it, dat 1 day will come. ok..i wont go too deep on diz,hehe krg menangis u lagi cni.hehe which 1 u prefer? i talk or i write? hehe..

ooorrr u could be like me b4! hehe act all bangang, it will come 2u! hehe..btw heres somethin 4u, to keep d spirit 4 not givin up. luv u m8!


Didz said...

eh sorry ketinggalan..copy paste saja m8 link atu..hehe