The Effects of Ramadhan

Monday, September 28, 2009
M missing Ramadhan! The working hours are less, the traffic aren't so bad. For the last 2 weeks, I was enjoying my drive from home to work in stress-free situation but today, the traffic jam continues. Students back to school today, so do the parents - back to work that is!

My body system hasn't been back to normal yet, I think! M still skipping lunch coz my tummy somehow couldn't accept lunch. I had my breakfast and somehow that can last me till dinner. And the most obvious side effects of Ramadhan for me, I had to say is somehow, my weight had come down....not back to 'normal' but at least now I can fit into some of my clothes =D

So now, Ramadhan gone, it means that I have to get back into my exercise! But I think I would put that on hold first. M having my long holiday soon and m planning to have a very extensive exercise! But before that, I would become a night owl, m working on the midnight duty soon.....*hmmmmmm*

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Didz said...

Hey m8, oklaaa...at least siang dpt u tdr puas2nya..hehe mlm jd batwoman..hehe..goodluck for the night shifts aa..wow..sure am gonna miss u around d osp m8...

iantie said...

haha...tis is my 1st time doing, so m looking forward to it...gpun afta dat i have the time to replenish myslef...hehe

at least, there would be 1 parking free in osp..haha!

Didz-W said...

haha! ok i'll go see who's havin ur park d osp ani nanti..hahha