Wednesday, October 31, 2007
30 minutes to go for November! Man! Where the time goes?! I have 2 more months to settle my work and everything at my current workplace before handling a new place..

Am I looking forward to it?

Not sure!

TV Marathon Continues....

Last Saturday, I went to the DVD shop and managed to buy the latest season 8 of CSI. I haven't manage to watch the CSI yet coz I lend it to my bestie. She is so the CSI geek..hehe!

Anyway, last Sunday, I bought this Korean TV Drama series, Hello My Lady! I watched it in the Indonesian channel but kept on missing it. So I started to watch the series from the beginning. Now I'm on the 5th VCD.

Today, to kill my time, I went again to the DVD shop and boy, I am a happy lady. They have the latest Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Ep 1-4, the latest Bones Season 3 Ep 1-4 and I bought the whole Season 3 of Numb3rs!

Now, I have Hello My Lady, Numb3rs, CSI, Bones and Grey's Anatomy....House MD?!! Where is House? Oh well, I can watch the rest while waiting for House! Can't wait to watch all these series again!

My reading?! Yikes! With this and that, I'm still stuck reading Damai Kaihku by Iris Ixora but no worries, I am halfway thru already...haha! Gezzz! Honestly, this is the only book that took me long enough to read! Oh well.....I will update later with the synopsis when I'm done!


New Toy!

Tonight, I just purchased a new toy. It comes in the form of HP Photosmart C5280 All-in-one! It's so cool that I have to restrain myself from playing and printing too much 'coz it's the latest printer-scanner-copier in the market hence the catridges are not available yet in Brunei. The 'computer guy' told me it could take 1-3 weeks before the catridges arrived, so for the time being...sabar (patience)..hehehe!

Guilty Conscience

I don't always feel guilty for what I did; mainly because I believed what I did is right and no sense of feeling guilty if you believe in yourself, right? But don't get me wrong, guilty and regret are 2 different things and boy! don't I have a lot of regrets but let's not dwell on that now!

My recent gulity conscience came 2 days after my birthday. A guy who likes me (he told me so) came to my home and gave me a birthday present. It's the 2nd year that he gave me birthday present. I don't know whether I had mention about him before but he is consider an okay guy, not too bad, just a lil' bit naughty (which my mum disapproves). And honestly, I don't feel anything for him. Last year, he gave a perfume. We all know how expensive a bottle of perfume can be. Thinking about the price and what he wants in return that I can't give him (relationship la..what you guys thinking? hehe) , I didn't use the perfume and all year long, I tried to avoid him as much as I can. This year he gave me a very very very nice bracelet and my guilt increases! I don't want to accept it but how can you turn down without hurting his feelings?

Accepting it means I accept him which honestly I can't. I'm not choosy but I just don't feel a thing for him! Now, the bracelet and the perfume I store in a box together with a ring, an admirer gave me!

Geezz! My life is quiet interesting, don't you think? 'Happening' - that's what my best friend told me when I show her a letter, together with a ring, an admirer send to me to my workplace by post. Happening? Hah! More like eerie. I got a stalker! Haha! That happened 3 years ago, I think. He knows my hp no, he knows what car I drive, he knows where I work but luckily he doesn't know where I live. When I received the ring, I told him that I wanted to meet him to return the ring but he never show up! It's been 3 years that I didn't hear from him. Eventhough he made my life a bit chaotic, I do hope he lives happily and in good health.


Forgive and Forget(?)

Syawal almost coming to an end. Time does fly fast heh! Last week, while I was listening to the radio, one of the deejays mentioned that raya is about forgiving. I totally agree with her, don't we all, right? Even me, myself asking forgiving to everyone I can think of and hopefully being forgiven in return, ikhlas!

But do we really forgive?

Do we really forget?

The deejay didn't mention about forgiving and forgetting. She just mentioned 'it's all about forgiving' but after hearing that, I just couldn't help but wonder, do I really forgive secara ikhlas (sincerely)? Honestly, I don't know! But I know that I forgive people easily, no matter what they do. I always look the postive side of things..at least I'm learning to, slowly - better than never! But forget?! Hmmm...I'm not the person easily to forget. I'm sorry but that's just the way I am. Many people close to me or who know me said that I have a superb memory. I can store so much sometimes I get fed up with it!

So, no...I don't forget easily. I might forgive easily but I don't forget! Sometimes it's just eating me inside for not forgetting! Sometimes I want to forget, very badly so that I can easily move on, but no, I can't!

However, this raya, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I buried some grudges, move aside my not-so-big-ego and make the first move in rekindle my friendship with an old mate. Known each other since 1990 and been classmate till 2001, so it's kindda a waste to throw away that friendship for some stupid things (better left unsaid, untouch), right? Besides, I think we are grown ups now...

So everyone, look within yourself, deep in your soul, ikhlaskan diri.....



Tuesday, October 30, 2007
....to the family of Malaysia Angkasawan, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar for the death of his brother, Sheikh Mustapha Al Masrie. The late Sheikh Mustapha, 32 years old passed away after fail to regain consciousness when he fell and hit a flower vase outside a restaurant last week.

May Allah bless his soul and ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman...AMIN!


'Floating Bookstore' - that's how one of the writers describe the MV Doulos. Arrived at Muara Port last Saturday, this 1914 ship is only 2 years younger than the legandary Titanic and today, this 93-year old ship docked at Muara Port.

I finally got the chance to visit the ship this late afternoon and by then, the car park was full. There are so many to see - the ship, the people and it's culture and definitly, being an avid reader, the books! and suprisingly, the books are cheap! Of course, the first time I saw the price tag, I was lost. It only marked in hundreds e.g. 100 units, 300 units, 800 units etc etc! After exploring some more, I finally found out that 100 units equivalent to B$4 and from that moment onwards, I am a happy camper! Hehe!

I managed to grab and buy 2 reference books which cost me B$32 each - Consumer Drug Reference and Geogoraphica. If you go to the bookstore and look for similar reference books, the hardcover Consumer Drug Reference book will cost around $80+ while the Geographica will cost over $100! What a bargain you will get from the MV Doulos PLUS the crews are so nice. From what I know, they come from different parts of the world and together, in this ship, unity are formed! If I don't have commitment, I would happily sign myself up to be one of the crews! I love ship but I am very phobia of deep water (although I love to watch Seaquest DSV during my younger days..hehe!)coz I can't swim! Hehehe....

On board of the MV Doulos

Me and Bro Faiz

Top to Bottom - Bro Muiz, Mum, Me and Bro Faiz


Congralts Bro Andy!

Friday, October 26, 2007
My Brother Andy officailly 'graduate' from the Army Institute this morning. After all that he went through in this last 6 months, I have to say that I am very proud of him! He almost didn't make it after he was involved in a car accident last June where he broke his shoulder. Even most of his trainers said that either he had to continued 3 more months of training (total of 9 months) or even worst, kick out of the training.

But with determination, strong will and supports from all of us, he made it! So proud of him! He is the toughest brother I ever have and I'm really really proud of him! Love him so much! Congralts Bro! You prove it that you can make it!

The Air Force and Navy Cadets

Bro Andy Passing-by (C)

The Siblings (minus 2)


My Patience Reached Its Limit!

I was so damned pissed off (excuse for the word) with my KKC leader. This morning, while I was watching my Bro Andy passing out ceremony from the Army, my KKC leader messaged me and told me to type and compile all the KKC data and submit it tomorrow!! WHAT?! He is soooooo out of his mind!!!

Last Wednesday, he told me that he wanted the data analysis by Thursday; to be submitted in his office (soon to be my office too) and yesterday, I sent it there. This morning he wanted me to type and submit all by tomorrow! Using what data?! All the data is already submitted to his office - YESTERDAY! How the heck can I type everything - within 24 hours - when all the documents are in his office. Where is his mind?!!!

I was so pissed off that I told him so. That if he told me earlier, 'then I won't waste my time sending all the datas to your office yesterday' - I said! He then said that maybe he will negotiate with our facilitator to subit the analysis latest by Tuesday. Jeeezzz! Just because I was onleave, he thinks that I got so many spare time to do everything in a rush! If I know, I will switch off my hp and let the hell breaks lose!

So, tomorrow and Sunday, expect me to work so damn hard!

Caffeine Overdose!

I need it!! SERIOUSLY!! It's my 3rd day of leave and so far, I'n quiet stressful! Monday was hectic! I got so many errands that I took off from home around 8.30am and been here and there (so many things to settle), and I only managed to take a break for an hour before I hit the road again in the afternoon. I came home around 4.30pm and so drop dead exhausted!

Yesterday, I managed to do 70% of my KKC analysis and today I managed to finish it! I have to discipline myself. I didn't take any nap this afternoon as I have to submit my analysis tomorrow! YUP!! I'm onleave but at home, I'm still doing my duty! Humph! Calculator is my best friend nowdays! And I need the caffeine to wake me up! Truthfully, it doesn't work! It must be psychology!

This morning, I sent my car to the agent. There is some leaking in the engine that my car always overheated! I had to fill in the radiator tank everyday and I couldn't get far with that. So this morning, I went to the agent, told the Service lady what's my car's problems, leave my car and waited for my mum to fetch me.

In the afternoon, the Service lady told me that with this and that bla bla bla, the total cost for fixing my car and service cost me like around $700! Yikes! Fewwhhh! It's not done yet, maybe tomorrow or Friday but $700?!!! Whoever outthere (in Brunei or any hot countries) planning to buy an European car, my advice, think twice! Don't get me wrong! I have NOTHING against European cars, I LOVE European cars! Maybe it's just my luck to have so many problems with my European car! But you have to take into the consideration that it's a fact that European cars are expensive to maintain compared to others, no matter what brand your car is. Anyway, back to my car, I got no choice but to fix it, right? I mean, I NEED my car! And I can't have a leaking engine to go with!

Furthermore, my colleague just message me tonight that the reshuffle list is out and I'm going to Community HQ! I guess I have no choice but luckily I am being paired up with a good person..hehe! He used to be my partner before. But the thing that bothered me most is that, I will be incharge of the Community HQ, Telisai HC and the Community staffs! Yikes! I'm the youngest of all my colleagues and I'm incharge of them! My bosses MUST be KIDDING!!!! How in the heck am I gonna do that?! I'm dreading the 'incharge' part but apart from that, I'm good, I guess! Oh well, I got 2 more months to think about that and come up with something so in the meantime, why bother, right?

Life is short, use it!!!

A Tale of....Two Families

I don't know whether anyone of you - whoever reading this - knows that I was born to a Malay father and a Chinese (convert Muslim) mother. Well, for you out there who doesn't know it, I'm a Malay Chinese but no worries, my physical is more Malay than Chinese. I'm the clone of my dad! Only my 2 youngest brothers (envy them!) are the clone of my mum.

Anyway, I'm gonna tell you about my two families - my dad's side of family and my mum's side of family! One big Malay families and one big Chinese families! Although my mum and dad married with their parents' (my grandparents') blessing but somehow my 2 families never really mix! Sure, if they meet each other, they will greet each other nicely and all but to really really mingle, nah! I never see it in my life.

I never bother about it before but this year, I just couldn't help but realise and wonder! Every year, my family have no problem about going where and when. It's a tradition that every raya, every year, we will celebrate with my dad's side of families and every Chinese New Year, every year, we will go down to Temburong and celebrate it with my mum's side of families! No problem there! And for us - me and my brothers - we mingle just fine with both sides of cousins! Sure, sometimes we feel left out with the Chinese cousins but they are superb! They know that we can't speak Chinese but understand them(so lazy of us!), so they will speak Malay (mostly!) and English for our sakes.

This year, my mum's side of the families decided to come together to our place for raya. While they were at my place, 2 of my dad's brother and their families came and my Malay uncles and aunties, truth to be told were uncomfortable with my Chinese relatives. Of course, they didn't say it but somehow I can see from their limited movements and conversations. And the funny things, my Chinese relatives (apart from my 1 uncle) didn't make the effort to mingle with the Malay relatives! What happened?!

For my mum and dad, it's quiet normal for them but for me, this is the first time I realise about this. When my elder brother got married 5 years ago, they mingled just fine; helping each other, joked around! Years apart and rarely seeing each other maybe the main factor contributing to this ackwardness. Could it?

I don't know about your families - your mum's and your dad's? I think any normal Malay families will mingle just fine, I imagined - the in-laws and all! Anyway, that's the story of my two different families. Discrimination? I don't think so. Racist? Definitly not! This is Brunei. Racism didn't exist! Besides in my mum's family, 1 of my uncles converted to Muslim few years after my mum did and all of us get along just fine! Anyway, whatever it is, they are families - my families - afterall!

Angkasawan Returns....

Alhamdulilah, around 6.45pm, October 21st, the first Malaysian angkasawan, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar returns to Earth. I remembered spending my birthday infront of the television from the afternoon until words had it that he and the other 2 Russian cosmonuts safely landed. Although it's a bit dissapointing that there is no video coverage about the landing and I couldn't see Dr Sheikh Muszaphar's expression when he landed, but it's okay! As long as he landed safely!

Presently, if I'm not mistaken, he is in Moscow, being quarantine, just to ensure that everything is okay. From what I learnt that once you went up to space, you body and mind to be 'adjusted' once you reached Earth. Well, it's a long science and psychology involved here and I'm not that good with both, so I guess I just leave it at there.

Congralts Dr Sheikh! You proved it that Malaysia can do it! Representing Malaysia, you represent Asean....Don't you just proud be an Aseanan - if there is such a word! Haha! Gezz, I'm sounding like a Malaysian already!

Advance Birthday Surprise

Saturday, October 20, 2007
I will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow and I didn't expect to get anything before my birthday (not that I'm hoping to get anything..hehe). But considering that tomorrow is Sunday and I will be starting my 2 weeks holiday starting this Monday (YEA!), some of my friends and colleagues decided to give me early presents!

Nanette, my colleague was taking her off this morning and man! it was quiet buzy at work. When I came out for lunch, it's already 12.40pm and Nanette was waiting for me in the parking lot. She bought me a nice birthday cake - Chocolate! Nyum! I love chocolate cakes ever! Hehe! And of course, it's yummy too!

My ex-boyfriend gave me a bedside lamp, as he said, " It's not a table lamp, it's a cool bedside lamp. Just touch it, it lights up!" And he is right. It is a cool lamp and it lights up when you touch the base. I told him that I already got 1 reading lamp (coz I loveee to read) but he said that having 1 redaing lamp and 1 bedside lamp can't hurt!


Fewh...Selamat Hari Raya Everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2007
I hadn't update my blog recently and guess what?, it's Raya already!!! Coming to 7th Syawal so far Alhamdulilah. So, Selamat Hari Raya everyone, Maaf Zahir and Batin.
Reason for my MIA? Hmmm..nothing big 'cept that I was buzy (haha! pathetic excuses!) but seriously, I was buzy. I got so many things to do that I just don't have the time to update my blog.

Furthermore, MOST of my free times is spent infront of the TV, tuning on Channel 588, Angkasa 1 channel (Latest discovery by me, myself and I - TV is very addictive! I NEVER know that!HONESTLY!!!). Hehe! Yup! Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shoukor is now officially the first Muslim Malaysian in space. I was watching the launching and been up-to-date with what's happening with him in space; that a friend of mine once commented that he thinks that I was born mistakenly to Bruneian parents! Haha! He said I should be a Malaysian instead of a Bruneian. Hey! I AM A BRUNEIAN! Just because I had been put so much interest in this thing, doesn't mean that I have to be a Malaysian 'convert'. Hehe! I just love space exploration. PERIOD! And to have someone closer to home going up to space is quiet to look forward to, don't you think? Anyway, Dr Sheikh will be coming 'home' to Earth on the October 21st (my birthday!! yea yea!)

Speaking of birthday, of course la, I'm getting older. No need to mention my age heh? Is there anyone getting younger as they have more birthdays?! But, I'm thankful to Allah for giving me my life - this life and good health! Sure, it's not good life all the time but with what I had and have, I'm thankful! What's the cliche they always said, "the older you get, the wiser you become". Birthday party, nah! I'm too old for party!! Haha! I kept on saying old - wonder why?! But my parents are planning to do a family gathering for my birthday together for my brother Andy passing out from the Army (He will be passing out this October 26th). The first army in the family - our family that is! If you includes my paternal side of family, then he is the 5th! Whenever he came back from the camp for the weekends, I will always tease him and kept on calling him, "Hey Recruite" hehe! Now he is back in the camp and I will only see him again next week in the passing out ceremony...

Another 'hot' stuffs that had happened while I was MIA from blogging - I will have a new workplace by early next year! Our management will reshuffle the lots of us - reason; for more better patients' care. My new workplace? I have no idea yet while some of my colleagues know where they will be going but so far, I don't know where I will be going for certain. News from the gossip pipeline said that I will be transfered to Community HQ (yikes!) but I just hope it is indead a rumour! For real? Hmmm..bertawakal sja! Don't get me wrong, for me working anywhere is the same as long as you do your job right but when you are being pair up with a lousy partner, then that's where the headaches (and heartaches) come in!

Btw, studies show that your work partner can be your killer?? Haha! NO! SERIOUSLY! I read it in the net sometimes ago that working with someone you are not comptabile with can lead you to increase in stress and lead to a heart attack hence, your killer! Ahhhh.... And Community HQ, wow! It's quiet an honour actually working in a HQ and quiet challenging. Will I be up to it? Just wait and see I guess. My boss said that we will be receiving our letters somewhere this month - 'after raya', they said!

Work? Work is okay, it's just the KCC thingy that not quiet okay at the moment. After screening some 250+ data, now I had managed to narrow it down to 100+ data. And to analyse this 100+ data, I will need at least few days to complete it all but with all the festivites going on, where you have the mood to do anything else, right? Anyway, my Superinterent kept on asking me whether I had done it (he kept on bugging me as I am the secretary) and I always told him that I don't have the time YET to do it and you guys know what he said to me??! - "Eh, mengalahkan orang berlaki, beranak saja kau ani" - could you guys believe it??!! Hmmm..payah jua jadi 'kulikang' ani..hehe!

Now, let's forget about work and superiors, lets go back to Raya! 2 of my oldest friends - they are a married couple now - came for raya and believe it or not, we spent 1 and a half hour chitchatting, catching up on old times and man! don't we have a lots of fun back then! It's quiet amazing...I have to say, my college years were the best! Missed every moments of it! Don't you just wish that you are back in college again, trying all those new stuffs, making new friends, escaping from classes to go to the major shopping complexes (we don't have The Mall back then), got scolded from escaping classes and coming in late; spoiling on all those Chemistry experiments and made our course tutor to go in labour earlier than expected - yup! GUILTY as charged!!! Hahaha! Man! Loved every second of it!!!


10th October...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007
It's when the first Malaysian angkasawan will be going to space. Couldn't wait!

Previously I mentioned that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor will be the first Malaysian angkasawan to go to space but I read in the net that changes can be made last minute.

The 2 Malaysian angkasawan are Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, 35, a lecturer in HUKM and Captain Dr Faiz Khaleed, 27, an army officer and a dentist. If everything goes as planned and no changes being made, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor will be boarding the Soyuz 15-S with Russian fellow, Yuri Malenchenko and American Peggy Whitson while Captain Dr Faiz Khaleed will go with the second team along with Russian Shari-Zan Sharipov and American Michael Fincke. Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor will be the first Muslim to perform solat onboard the International Space Station (ISS). As a Muslim fellow, I'm kinda proud of him....Good Luck guys! Can't wait for the launch....
Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor giving talk to students in UKM

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (L) and Captain Dr Faiz Khaleed (R)
with some of the UKM students

Preparing for their 'experiments' in Space

Practising on their 'tayammum'

1st and 2nd photos courtesy from http://www.ukm.my/english/news


10 Malam Terakhir

It's coming to the 22nd day of Ramadhan and yes, it's the latest 10 days of Ramadhan remaining. As a Muslim, most of us knows what that means. Anytime during these 10 remaining night, one night will happen to be the 'night of all nights' - Lai'latul Qadar. That's ALLAH promises to His ummah (people). Only few people in this whole wide world had experienced it in this lifetime while for some of us, we are still hoping to 'catch' this night! If there is anyone of you out there had experienced it, then Alhamdulillah, you are very blessed.

Lai'latul Qadar is ALLAH gift to His people. The night of Lai'latul Qadar is the night where if you beramal dengan ikhlas, ALLAH will forgive all your sins and along with that, your wishes are granted. ALLAH maha penyanyang dan memaafkan..Take it! It's for us to take.....
Semoga kita dirahmati selalu....AMIN!

P.s. Takhziah kepada keluarga of the late guy who passed away in the RTA yesterday afternoon around Telanai/Damuan area. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat di bulan yang mulia ini...Amin!

'Daripada-NYA kita di datangkan dan kepada-NYA kita kembali'


Atas Nama Cinta

The latest novel I read and finished from Alaf 21 - Atas Nama Cinta by Lily Suriani. This is the second novel from this author that I came across. The first one - Pelabuhan Kasih, I read it few years back - or was it just last year? Hmmm...Anyway, I enjoyed reading the Pelabuahan Kasih and I didn't hesitate to buy her second novel when I saw it. And yes! Lily Suriani didn't dissapoint me.

Atas Nama Cinta - Ardini and Firas. Opposite attracts! That's how this story started! Ardini is not the type of person to fall in love easily (hmm...sounds familiar eh!hehe!). When she started working, she met Firas, who's totally opposite from her. Firas; chubby but tough and not so handsome (different from any other characters eh). Firas fell in love with Ardini at first sight but Ardini, looking at Firas physically not interested. Everytime they meet, they are always arguing; Firas being a teaser with a lot sense of humour while Ardini (being a youngest in the family), couldn't stand losing.

With a lot of patiences, waiting and neverending attentions from Firas, Ardini in the end accept Firas when she constantly misses him whenever he is not around. They got married eventually. Things started to get messy when 6 months later, Firas somehow and suddenly changed. He is no longer the happy, caring, teasing type. Gone are the sense of humour until one day, he begged Ardini to let him marry another (WHAT?!!!)! When Ardini refused, Firas started getting abusive. This going on for days until Ardini, couldn't stand it anymore and let Firas marry another.

"...sebab sayang lah Dini sanggup korbankan segala kebahagian Dini untuk Bie (Firas)..."

Just a day before Firas wedding to Najihah, Najihah left Firas. Reason, she already got what she want - 40% share of Firas' company. All this while, Firas had been used by black magic (ilmu hitam) so that he follows whatever Najihah wants.

Firas frustrated, not to mention humiliated, he started to lean towards drugs. Yup! He's addicted to drugs until Ardini took the guts and confronted her husband. With Ardini's persuasion and love, Firas voluntarily admitted himself to a rehab center under 1 condition - he didn't want to see Ardini while he is in the rehab.

Ardini misses her husband, visited the center every week without fail, bringing Firas' favourite foods but Firas won't see or meet her. This goes on for 1 and a half year when Ardini finally wanted to give up on her husband and moved on. Her family and Firas' family (couldn't bear to see her suffering) asked her to claim faskah but Ardini believed that Firas won't leave her.

And yes! She's right! After nearly a month didn't visit her husband, she decided to visit Firas. And this time, Firas meet his wife after nearly 2 years didn't see each other. And what I like most, they live happily ever after..hehe!

Moral of the story - Don't turn your back on drug addicts! In this book, Lily Suriani write the details on what the drug addicts 'suffer' from 'cleansing' themselves - physically, emotionally! True! they brought this onto themselves but hey, everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves second chance, don't they? And don't ever involved yourself in shirik. It's not a way to live a life....

Read it! And along the way, somehow you will discover something about yourself! I did!

Trip To Telisai

Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Today, I have to go to Telisai to relieve a colleague who is onleave. It's not my first time working there and the way rumor has it, I will be working there once a week (sigh!) starting early next year. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind working anywehere. For me, everywhere is the same - workwise! It's just the journey that tires me...

Anyway, this morning, I took off from home around 7.20am (and I know, I'm late already!). I was caught in the jammed in Jerudong and by the time I entered the highway, it's 7.45am already and the sign board - TUTONG 30KM! YIKES! 30KM to Tutong and I think another +/- 17KM to Telisai hence 40+KM to go!

Speeding?! Hah! Did you guys know that speeding is my worst addiction. No matter how many time I tell myself that SPEED KILLS but somehow I just can't get rid of speeding. I should practice more on NOT to speed! Anyway, I did go over the border this morning and when I realised that I would not reach Telisai on time no matter how hard I push the pedal, I began to slow down. No use to rush when you know that you will end up late, anyway.

I arrived around 8.15am - 15 minutes late, kira ok la..hehe! It only happened once a year, trust me! I'm the type of person who - not punctual -but always try to be early or at least on time. Anyway, it's kindda quiet. I only received around 60+ patients and I managed to do some of my paperworks...fewwhhh!

By 2pm, it's started to rain - very heavily somewhere in Penanjong. I had to slow down and visibility around that area is around 500m. It's really that heavy but somewhere in Bukit Panggal, the rain stopped and it's a nice drive home until Jerudong. It was raining but not that heavy and I reached home around 2.45pm!